Air Duct Rebate Bellflower Specials by Landmark Construction Crew

Air Duct Rebate Bellflower Specials by Landmark Construction CrewAir Duct Rebate Bellflower

Air Duct system leakage is a common problem in California. Most HVAC systems have leakage which can cost you money and make your home uncomfortable and dusty. Sealing leaky ducts can make your home more comfortable and help you save money.


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A leaky Air duct system can cost up to $200 on your energy bill each year. Our duct sealing program offers rebates of up to $200 per system when a participating contractor seals your Air duct system.
The duct sealing rebate is for duct systems that require some duct sealing to get them to a high performance level.
If your duct system is in need of significant repairs we also have a duct test & repair rebate of up to $400 per system. Our test & repair rebate requires the participating contractor to test the duct system and is designed for more complicated jobs that typically require repairs or system changes in addition to the sealing work.
Both rebates are based on the cost of the job.
Landmark Construction Crew is specialized in Air Duct Rebate in Bellflower. We are in business for long time and our goal is to get our clients the Air Duct Rebate Bellflower that they can get.
rebate rebate amount air leakage testing
duct sealing up to $200/system not required
duct test & repair up to $400/system required

Benefits of duct sealing

most systems often have poorly sealed connections, loose fittings or disconnected duct runs. The result can be cooled air blown into your attic or hot air pulled into your air conditioning system. At higher elevations, you’re losing heated air. You also risk exposure to potential indoor air quality problems.

Many systems also have an undersized return. This limits the airflow of the system and makes the unit work harder to cool or heat your home. Right sizing and sealing the return will help your system run more efficiently and this is also covered as part of the duct seal rebate.

Sealing your home’s duct system to keep your heating and cooling costs low and ensure healthy indoor air quality.

Duct leakage indicators
  • Duct work insulation that has dark, discolored areas
  • Rooms that are difficult to cool or heat, or seem stuffy or dusty
  • Heat pump air that feels lukewarm or cold during winter
  • Duct interiors often get dirty

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Air Duct Rebate Bellflower

EzraAir Duct Rebate Bellflower Specials by Landmark Construction Crew