As life changes so do the needs of  your family, and your home needs to fit your lifestyle at all stages. Rather than deciding to sell your home and move – consider remodeling first. Remodeling and updating interior and exterior spaces can both enhance your quality of life as well as add tremendous resale value to your home. Landmark Energy Upgrades has talented, in-house interior designers who understand how to maximize every inch of your space. We can work with you to create your vision, and then we go even further – Landmark Energy Upgrades can handle the entire construction process from beginning to end – on time, on budget, and without the stress of different contractors with different crews!

No matter what kind of home you have, we can improve the efficiency of your space with a strategic renovation, upgrade, or remodel. We can remove walls to give you an open floor plan, convert a low ceiling to a glorious cathedral ceiling, and refinish or replace the walls, flooring, windows, and doors with wonderful new energy efficient brands and styles. And if you have an older home, Landmark Energy Upgrades can give you the energy efficient, modern upgrades you want while still maintaining the charm and style of a vintage home.

Why bring in multiple contractors, each with separate crews for plumbing, electrical, or masonry work, when we have our own dedicated teams of master craftsmen to do it all? Plus, every single remodel is done under the guidance and personal direction of one of Landmark Energy Upgrades expert head contractors, who will personally oversee and coordinate your project every step of the way! Call Landmark Energy Upgrades and let us help you reinvent your home today!

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