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Energy Audit Agoura Hills

by Ezra on April 13, 2016 No comments

Energy Audit Agoura Hills

Energy Audit Agoura HillsEnergy Audit Agoura Hills will conduct a thorough examination of your home, using techniques based on building science. Employing industry-accepted tools such as the Minneapolis Blower Door, and Thermographic Inspections, we will show you where your home is wasting energy. The information gathered through the Energy Audit Agoura Hills is then used to construct a computer model snapshot of your home at the time of the audit and then suggests remedial measures for your home, eliminating the guesswork around repairs and improvements. After you review this report with us, we then work with you to find qualified, experienced and trusted weatherization crews.


  1. CA Home Performance with ENERGY STAR participating contractors will guide you through the process of improving the energy efficiency of your home and identifying financial incentives.
  2. A whole-house energy audit focuses on ways to make your home comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy. A comprehensive audit includes checking for air leaks, examining insulation, inspecting heating and cooling equipment and duct work, and performing a blower door test.
  3. All homes are different and need to be evaluated individually. It takes a home energy professional to evaluate your home and your family’s specific needs.


The CASEU offers financial incentives of up to $450 for qualifying home energy upgrades, such as air sealing and insulating your home.

When you work with CA Home Performance, you will receive:

  • 50% cash back on air sealing work, up to $150 upon completion of your project
  • 50% cash back on insulation work, up to $300 upon completion of your project
  • A personal Home Energy Coach who will review your home energy audit and provide guidance on what improvements will help you achieve the most energy savings

A professional energy audit is the first step in getting started. Schedule a whole-house energy audit with a participating CA Home Performance contractor.

EzraEnergy Audit Agoura Hills

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