Landmark Energy Upgrades has made energy conservation and green living solutions part of our mission statement and approach to the fine art of home building and remodeling. One of the major ways to improve your energy consumption and carbon footprint is also the simplest – simply weatherizing your home to seal the air in – and out!

We specialize in Full Home Energy Audits, and when we come in our expert technicians will assess your entire home for “energy leaks.” Windows and doors are some of the biggest culprits for leaking energy, and once identified, we can go through your entire house to air seal, caulk, and weatherstrip any problem areas, sealing up drafts and cracks where you’re losing cooling or heating dollars.

Landmark Construction Crew also specializes in helping you tap into any money-saving rebates you may be eligible for when it comes to weatherizing and air sealing your home. We can help you save thousands of dollars in less than a decade, so call us for weatherization or air sealing, or let us come in for a Full Home Energy Audit to get you started on a comprehensive plan of your family money – and your planet energy!

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