Landmark Construction Crew is Los Angeles’s premier contractor for interior and exterior painting and finishes – particularly stucco. Ever wonder why you don’t see stucco in the Northeast? It’s because stucco is uniquely suited to our warm, dry climate. Applying and repairing stucco exteriors takes skill; it’s a difficult finishing technique that requires many layers to add that Southern California charm and character to a home.

This is why we maintain a team of trained and skilled craftsmen who specialize in handling the temperamental needs of a stuccoed home or wall. The professional technicians at Landmark Construction Crew go beyond the surface to repair or replace stucco at its foundation for long-lasting results.

Landmark Construction Crew has the experience and expertise you’re looking for when it comes to painting your homes exterior, too. We specialize in the many options you now have for environmentally friendly, energy efficient exterior paint and specialized finishes, many with insulating properties to help with your energy bills as well. For a beautiful, energy saving exterior on your Southern California home, Landmark Construction Crew is the only choice.

Call us for a no-obligation, complimentary consultation; we can come out and look at the condition of your exterior walls, and then help you choose the most cost-effective method of restoring and beautifying your home!

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