Terrazzo floors are a unique and beautiful type of composite flooring that consists of chips of marble or other types of stones along with a binding material, such as cement or an epoxy resin. While terrazzo floor installation was particularly popular in the 1950s and 1960s, it is beginning to grow in popularity for many commercial businesses in recent years. In fact, terrazzo can be used in more than just floors. It is also frequently seen on counters, tables, walls, and many other surfaces.

Originating in the mosaic designs of ancient civilizations, today’s terrazzo does not often focus as much on specific pictures. However, it can be no less beautiful as it adds texture and color to many places. Terrazzo floors can come in a wide variety of colors and can match nearly any space. It can blend into its surroundings or become a work of art itself.

If you are looking for a way to install a durable floor in your commercial building or even in your home, consider terrazzo floor installation in Los Angeles. Terrazzo floor installation with Landmark Construction & Development Group is a seamless process that our tradesmen will handle for you from start to finish. Learn more about terrazzo floor installation in Los Angeles, and find out which type of terrazzo floor installation is right for you.

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Terrazzo floors are popular in all types of buildings but are especially widely seen in high-use areas with frequent daily foot traffic. Terrazzo floors installation in Los Angeles commercial buildings is a particularly good investment as it has the lowest cost over its lifespan when compared with nearly any other flooring option. Some of the buildings where you can most easily find terrazzo flooring installation in Los Angeles include airports, shopping malls, corporate headquarters and even hotels. Because terrazzo rarely has to be replaced or repaired, it is perfect in these high-use buildings where closing down a section of the floor would be especially difficult.

Consider the transportation industry. Airport concourses as well as bus and train stations often rely on signage to direct traffic. Because terrazzo floors can take on a variety of colors and patterns, it is possible to create these directional patterns in the flooring itself. In addition, terrazzo floor installation in Los Angeles transportation hubs is also well-loved because of its low maintenance and great longevity.

Terrazzo floor installation is also popular at schools and universities. Once again, the array of bright colors that terrazzo can be made in translates well to schools that want to create great visual impact. Students are notoriously hard on school materials, but terrazzo can stand up to decades of use and abuse. In addition, terrazzo is a safer alternative to other epoxy flooring types because it gives off lower resin emissions.

The health care industry also frequently turns to terrazzo floor installation in Los Angeles for clinics, hospitals, surgery centers, long-term nursing facilities and much more. Terrazzo flooring is very smooth and can be easily sealed, making it especially easy to keep clean. Additionally, it is quite easy to roll beds and medical machinery over its smooth surface.

However, terrazzo floor installation in Los Angeles is not limited to commercial buildings. While this is the main area of its use, terrazzo is increasingly being seen in homes and is used in a wide variety of rooms. Homeowners love the easy customization of terrazzo floor installation and may use it in showers or even as bathroom, kitchen or basement floors.


As you choose terrazzo floor installation in Los Angeles, you will quickly discover that there are plenty of subtypes of this popular flooring choice, hence you can just pick whichever suits the style of your property:

Epoxy Terrazzo Floor 

epoxy terrazzo floors

Epoxy is probably the most popular type of terrazzo floor installation in Los Angeles. It is well-loved because it is highly versatile and among the most accessible types to homeowners to maintain, even though it is the thinnest option. This type of terrazzo can utilize a wide range of aggregates to customize the look. It’s also a good choice for those looking to create a specific pattern or design.

Whether you choose shimmering glass or opaque pieces of granite, the aggregate binds to a thin-set system. Because the floor is on the thinner side, epoxy terrazzo floors cure overnight. After a polishing session the following day, the project is finished and ready for presentation! The only potential downside is that epoxy terrazzo floors are for indoor applications only.

Sand Cushion Terrazzo Floor

Sand-cushion terrazzo floor installation in Los Angeles uses multiple layers of materials. These include a layer of sand, a protective isolation membrane, and a network of reinforcement wires. The terrazzo mixture that sits on top is relatively thin. However, the several layers underneath result in a total thickness of about three inches.

The most significant benefit of sand-cushion terrazzo flooring is its structural integrity. Great for indoor and outdoor applications, the installation process ensures that the floors are ready to handle a lot of weight and traffic. Sand-cushion terrazzo also offers impressive flexibility when it comes to designs and colors. From traditional uniform floors to more complex patterns and shapes, this installation technique works well for all.

Monolithic Terrazzo Floor 

Monolithic terrazzo floor installation in Los Angeles is the most affordable option. Its cost-efficient nature comes down to the simplistic installation technique. Instead of the multi-layer setup like other types of terrazzo, monolithic terrazzo floors typically sit on top of concrete subfloors.

The terrazzo layer itself is roughly half an inch thick. The quality of the subfloor below is critical, as its strength impacts the terrazzo’s resilience to cracking and cosmetic issues.

Another way these floors help manage costs is by using concrete for bonding, which is much more affordable and accessible than some alternatives. You’re more likely to see monolithic terrazzo floors in schools and stores with considerable surface area to cover.

Rustic Terrazzo Floor 

Rustic terrazzo floor installation in Los Angeles is one of the best options for outdoor applications. As its name implies, rustic terrazzo has a rougher finish. The appearance and design capabilities are just as flexible as other types of floors. But, rustic terrazzo lacks the smooth and polished finish that you would see for indoor applications.

Instead, it’s sporting a rough surface to prevent slipping. Textured binders provide better grip in wet weather conditions, making the floor safe to walk on. Yet, it doesn’t sacrifice the elegant look that most associate with terrazzo.

This type of terrazzo offers excellent flexibility as far as installation goes. The top visible layer is typically only half an inch thick. However, additional structural layers below are adjustable to meet traffic and durability needs.

Bonded Terrazzo Floor 

When concrete is part of the system as a binder, the floor is bonded terrazzo. Although thicker than epoxy, bonded terrazzo floor installation in Los Angeles is popular because it works well indoors and out. A thick layer of concrete mix binds the terrazzo with a cement slab or subfloor underneath.

The overall thickness of the bonding layer can vary quite a bit based on the needs of the floor. However, the terrazzo on top is usually half an inch. The total weight of the terrazzo and thickness of the concrete will affect durability over time, so it’s essential to go to an experienced terrazzo installer.

Bonded terrazzo has a longer curing time. There are also some design and color limitations. Even still, its installation versatility makes it a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Terrazzo Floor Installation Contractor in Los Angeles

When you are looking for terrazzo floor installation in Los Angeles, turn to the experts at Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc. We have provided terrazzo floor installation in a wide variety of areas and service industries for years. Our clients come from numerous areas around the metropolitan area, including Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Westwood and more. We know that terrazzo floor installation in Los Angeles continues to grow in popularity, and we welcome the opportunity to serve you with terrazzo floor installation designed around your business’s unique needs.

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