Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc provides commercial remodeling services to Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Orange County business communities. We are proud to offer the best commercial remodeling services to offices, schools, health institutions, industrial buildings, and retail outlets. Our team is dedicated to providing renovation and new construction services such as commercial painting, energy upgrades, ceiling, commercial roofing, commercial flooring, commercial windows and doors, Landscape and landscape. We provide custom commercial remodeling solutions to each and every client in order to help them achieve their objects whether it is improving the aesthetics or the addition of extra units.









We strive to provide high-quality and full-service commercial remodeling in Los Angeles to businesses big or small. We understand that your company’s needs change as it grows and evolves. Instead of taking valuable time off to migrate your business to brand-new construction, why not make your existing space work for your needs?

Reclaim your building and turn it into a property that’s fine-tuned for your daily operations. Our team of expert designers can work with you to take care of every detail. From minor improvements to full-fledged transformations, we can get the job done. Maximize space, improve productivity, and invest in your company’s bottom line. We’ll handle every step of the process to make your commercial building as efficient as possible.

ADA Commercial Remodeling 

ADA commercial remodeling Los Angeles

ADA commercial remodeling services can make your building more accessible and safe for your customers and employees while also complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which became law in 1990. With it came a slew of requirements for new buildings and commercial facilities.

With our ADA remodeling services, we can complete commercial renovation projects that comply with current ADA guidelines. Potential modifications include:



  • Widening doorways
  • Leveling thresholds for wheelchairs
  • Installing anti-slip flooring
  • Adjustment to lever and switch heights
  • Build entrance ramps

Commercial renovation service from Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc will ensure that your building meets all necessary standards.

Office Remodeling and Renovation

office commercial remodeling in Los Angeles

Are you looking to transform your company’s office space? Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc has you covered. Corporate offices act as a meeting place for vendors, clients, and everyone in between. They should exude a sense of professionalism while also representing your business to a tee.

An update can be just the thing your company needs to get to the next level. Give your existing offices an aesthetic makeover. Our team can also help address security issues, modify office layouts, implement advanced technology, and more. When it comes to commercial remodeling for your office, the sky’s the limit.

Landmark Construction & Development Group provides full-service office remodeling and renovation services for various kinds of offices. Some of our popular office remodeling services include:

  • Glass Partitions
  • Sliding Doors
  • Office floorings such as marble, tiles, terrazzo, and carpeting
  • Office windows
  • Glass railings
  • Office Layout redesign

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Retail Remodeling Contractor

retail commercial remodeling in Los Angeles

The look and feel of your retail space can make or break a store’s success. Design trends and shopping habits are constantly changing. Sticking to an outdated design can hurt your bottom line and affect your company’s brand. Luckily, that’s nothing an excellent commercial renovation can’t fix.

Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc offers commercial remodeling services to breathe new life into your retail building. We can tackle everything from small-scale boutiques and specialty restaurants to massive department stores and resorts. Our team takes a strategic and comprehensive approach to retail renovation.

We work closely with you to make your space more consumer-friendly inside and out. Some of Landmark Construction & Development Group’s retail remodeling services are:

  • Full Store Build-Outs
  • Lighting
  • Store Expansion and Downsizing
  • Store Resets

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Multi Family Apartment Building Remodeling and Renovation

apartment building remodeling and renovation in Los Angeles

In today’s competitive rental market, every detail counts. Outdated apartment designs that don’t meet the needs of modern renters just won’t cut it. Today’s renters are looking for sleek designs, functional layouts, and trendy finishes.

A new apartment renovation might be the thing you need to attract new tenants. We can take care of every detail from top to bottom. We can design beautiful yet practical units that stand out. It doesn’t matter whether you have a handful of apartments or multiple properties that need updating. Our commercial remodeling service has the potential to improve property values and overall rental income.

From full apartment building remodeling to partial renovations, Landmark Construction & Development Group can help transform your building. Our apartment building remodeling services include:

  • Full Apartment Building Window Replacement
  • Flooring installation
  • Laundry Room Remodeling
  • Apartment Building Gym Renovation
  • Apartment Hallway and Stairway Remodeling

Industrial Remodeling Contractor

Industrial Remodeling and renovation Los Angeles

Industrial buildings are utilitarian facilities that are designed for productivity and efficiency. While your existing building might have served you well for several years, your business can always benefit from remodeling service. Landmark Construction & Development Group is ready to work on manufacturing facilities, factories, warehouses, and other industrial sites.

We’re more than happy to discuss your needs and develop a cost-efficient solution that will improve daily operations and keep your employees safe. Whether you want to retrofit equipment to create a new production line, install new machinery in unused space, or make simple building improvements, we offer the service to make it happen. We can remodel and renovate industrial spaces that can carter to:

  • Heavy Industrial Machinery
  • Automated Machinery
  • Packaging Spaces
  • Food Processing Spaces
  • Robotic Equipment
  • Storage Spaces
  • Raw Material Processing Spaces

Healthcare and Medical Practice Remodeling

Healthcare Medical Practice Remodeling and renovation Los Angeles

Improve the patient experience by investing in commercial remodeling services for your healthcare facility or private practice. An updated building can convey a sense of professionalism while putting your patients at ease. Furthermore, our commercial renovation service can enhance your building’s functions and make your practice more capable of serving patients.

At Landmark Construction & Development Group, we’re well aware of the unique challenges involved with renovating healthcare facilities. That’s why our team works closely with you to ensure that the finished product meets your exact needs and complies with all necessary compliance measures. We strive to implement the best practices while delivering results that make a massive impact. Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc is capable of providing remodeling and renovation services to:

  • Dental Offices
  • Surgical Centers
  • Urgent Care Rooms and Offices
  • Medical Buildings
  • Plastic Surgery Offices
  • Rehabilitation Centers

School and Educational Facilities Remodeling

School and Educational Facilities Remodeling Los Angeles

Schools and educational facilities are more than just basic buildings to house students. They’re places to inspire, motivate, and teach the leaders of tomorrow. A well-designed facility can have a lasting impact on students and faculty alike.

Commercial renovation services from Landmark Construction & Development Group can transform any building into a modern haven for inspiration and productivity. Transform entire buildings or bring individual classrooms up to speed with the latest technology. Implement new safety standards and create spaces that are conducive to learning. Our commercial remodeling experts can handle everything from the flooring to the ceiling while emphasizing innovative designs

Our education remodel and construction services include:

  • Universities
  • High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Elementary Schools
  • Student Residences


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We proudly serve Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Orange County. To further discuss your commercial remodeling project, Call Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc on (818) 319-4970 to Schedule your FREE Commercial Remodeling consultation.

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