We offer the best Tex-cote Coolwall Los Angeles residents can get. We have over ten years of experience in applying the Text-cote Coolwall system to the exteriors of homes and commercial building in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Orange County. Tex-cote Coolwall is not a paint but a coat that is specially created to be applied to the exteriors of buildings so as to lower exterior temperatures due to their reflectivity and thickness. Contrary to popular belief that the exterior of buildings needs to be white in order to reflect sunlight and absorb less heat, Coolwall systems come in different colors so you can choose any color of your choice for your home or commercial building and Landmark Construction Crew will be able to paint it using coolwall.

Why Apply Tex-Cote Coolwall With Us ?







Our Tex-Cote Coolwall Services Include :

tex-cote coolwall los angeles

Residential Tex-Cote Coolwall

The exterior of your Los Angeles home very important not just because of the aesthetics but also because of the climate in Los Angeles. It’s important to have an aesthetically pleasing exterior but having one that can make it more energy efficient too is even better. Los Angeles tends to experience hot summers which can lead to the frequent usage of the AC and in turn run you high energy bills, hence by simply applying coolwall, you will save money on energy bills. The coolwall also prevents the cracking of the wall which is caused by expansion from heat absorption.

Commercial Tex-Cote Coolwall

When it comes to commercial buildings in Los Angeles, appearance is everything. The appearance of your commercial building can mean the difference between a client coming through your door or that of your competitor. Tex-cote coolwall is made to last through the Los Angeles climate without easily fading and cracking hence it is very affordable compared to paint that will need to be painted every now and then. Landmark Construction crew can apply  a coolwall to commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, offices, shopping outlets using the clients choice of color and still manage to make the building energy efficient.

We provide Tex-Cote Coolwall services to both residential and commercial building owners in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Orange County. Call Landmark construction Crew on (818) 319-4970 to Schedule your FREE Tex-Cote Coolwall consultation.

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