Is it time to think smarter with your window and door treatments? Tangling with blinds and curtains is frustrating. It can also make your home or business look sloppy. If you’re struggling with blocky, dense cubicles and wall partitions, smart glass can be a great way to create an airy look while dividing up open spaces inside your business. This is the way to go from clear to frosted in a snap! Fortunately, upgrading to smart glass is simpler than most people realize. People love this option because it provides:

  • Convenience
  • Beauty and prestige
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Soundproofing
  • Protection against forced entry
  • Resistance to shattering
  • Privacy

Also known as “switch” glass or “privacy” glass, this type of glass is actually made from a mix of tempered glass and film with tiny liquid crystals that sync up with electrical currents to go back and forth between opaque and transparent. The appearance of the glass changes according to the amount of light being transmitted. Here’s everything you need to know about why smart glass is the intelligent choice for creating connected spaces without creating exposed or vulnerable spaces.

Smart Glass Windows

Smart Glass Windows Los Angeles

Smart glass windows remove the need for hanging curtains or blinds because they transform from opaque to transparent. Trying to cover large windows in businesses, offices, and conference rooms to create privacy is no easy task. Measuring, sourcing materials, and manually adjusting tactile window coverings can create a real hassle. With smart glass windows, you simply use a switch to turn the glass from transparent to opaque. That means that you get full privacy with the flick of a switch. Additionally, most smart glass windows can become truly smart windows when you wire them to a remote control, special button, automation system, or voice-command control. Of course, the great thing about switch glass windows is that they aren’t just impressive from an aesthetic or functional perspective. They also do a great job of blocking sunlight when used as exterior windows.

Smart Glass Wall Partition

Smart Glass Wall Partition Los Angeles

This can be a great alternative to building a true wall that cuts off an area of your home or business. In situations where privacy is needed, a smart partition segments a room or open space without creating a completely separate room. These partitions elevate the look of a space while creating much-needed privacy and demarcation.

Smart Glass Door

Smart glass doors provide instant privacy and enhanced security. Doors made of switch glass can be ideal for both interior and exterior use. With their sleek look, these doors can be fitted with high-end frames, hidden hardware, and other details that help to create a flawless aesthetic. This is the best way to get doors that appear to float! Of course, doors made with switch glass are also versatile. They can be created in sliding, swinging, and folding styles that fit any space.

Smart Glass Installation in Los Angeles

Smart glass windows, doors, and wall partitions are signatures of class and style. Ordinary glass simply can’t create the “wow factor” of switch glass. While this is the best way to create an airy, floating look that doesn’t add the appearance of physical barriers to a space, rest assured that smart designs are also safe designs. Made with tempered glass that creates a barrier of protection against breaches, this glass is extremely rugged and durable. In fact, its film layer will hold the glass panel together if it breaks instead of sending dangerous shards flying into a home or business. For business owners, this can be an important detail when you’re prioritizing the safety and well-being of employees and customers.

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