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Tempered glass is a durable, versatile option that offers superiority over traditional glass in many ways. Also known as safety glass, tempered glass is thermally treated using a tempering process to make it safer than ordinary glass. By putting compression-based pressure and tension-based pressure on the outer and inner layers of glass, manufacturers of tempered glass create a product that is five times stronger than other options. Of course, you may not notice anything different about tempered glass until the time comes for it to perform. Tempered glass doesn’t shatter into sharp shards the way that other types of glass do. It instead breaks into granular, pebble-like pieces that are less likely to cause harm or injury. Are you considering using tempered glass in Los Angeles for an upcoming construction or property upgrade? Here’s a look at the fast facts on this durable, trusted option.

Tempered Glass Uses

The average person sees tempered glass in Los Angeles used in hundreds of different ways while driving around each day. That’s because tempered glass is ideal for a wide range of architectural features. While tempered glass can be used in both homes and businesses, it is traditionally used more frequently in commercial architecture compared to residential architecture. Here’s a look at common ways to use tempered glass in Los Angeles.


Tempered glass is commonly used for fixed, swinging, sliding, and bifold doors in commercial spaces. When designed properly, an exterior door made with tempered glass can help to reduce breach risks. When weather-related impact breaks glass, a tempered glass door may help to significantly reduce risks of injury by preventing flying shards of glass from entering a building.


Many commercial builders use tempered glass for building windows for all the same reasons that automobile manufacturers use tempered glass for car windows. Tempered glass impresses with a level of durability that can help to make windows more resistant to force, wind, or falling objects. The heat-resistant properties of tempered glass can help to improve temperature control at a building featuring windows made of tempered glass in Los Angeles. Tempered glass can also create a more pleasant environment inside a store or business because it blocks a greater amount of ultraviolet (UV) rays compared to standard glass.


The architectural trend of using glass staircase railings has created a bigger demand for tempered glass in Los Angeles than ever before. Tempered glass is the secret behind those transparent, ultra-modern stairs you’ve seen in high-end homes, hotels, and commercial buildings in recent years. The steps, railings, balustrades, and panels you see on these gorgeous architectural features are generally made with ultra-thick tempered laminated glass.

Space Partitions

Tempered glass is an ideal option for space partitions in commercial areas. The visual clarity they provide makes them transparent enough to essentially disappear. However, they provide much-needed protection and separation in teller or merchant scenarios. They can also simply be used as stylish and unobtrusive dividers between workspaces or conference areas, and it’s the perfect glass for angled or curved glass design. 

Slippery Wet Areas (Pools, Bathrooms, Saunas)

Any glass features used in wet or slippery areas should be made of tempered glass. In fact, most local building codes dictate the use of tempered glass in Los Angeles when a glass feature’s bottom edge is within a certain distance of a walking or standing surface. Fortunately, tempered glass is an attractive addition to any bathroom, spa space, or pool area

Tempered Glass Installation

Bringing the beauty and security of tempered glass to your space requires the right levels of expertise and craftsmanship. As an esteemed Los Angeles glazing contractor, Landmark Construction & Development Group has brought countless projects to life using professionally designed and installed tempered glass. Our clients throughout Southern California trust us to design and install doors, windows, glass partitions, storefronts, stairs, and many more architectural features using tempered glass of the highest quality. In addition to being a leading provider of tempered glass in Los Angeles, we also complete projects using many different kinds of security glass designed to uphold both the architectural beauty and integrity of buildings. We’re excited to bring your custom project to life for you!  Contact Landmark today.

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