Sliding doors can be a beautiful and energy-efficient addition to your home or business. They let plenty of natural light in and make it easy to transition between rooms or from the inside to the outside of your building. In addition, today’s newest sliding door options are incredibly safe and offer amazing insulation against the hot Los Angles summers.

At Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc, we offer a wide variety of professional sliding door installation services. No matter what style or size you need, we can help you repair existing doors, replace outdated doors and install both interior and exterior sliding doors in new commercial or residential construction. With over 10 years of experience, we are your clear choice throughout the Los Angeles area.

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Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors are a great solution for businesses that see a lot of foot traffic into and out of the building. These sliding doors offer hands-free service, making getting into your business a breeze for your customers. In addition, you may find that investing in these doors is actually a savings to your business thanks to the fact that they automatically open only when necessary, keeping your air conditioning inside during the summer and ensuring that your building stays as warm as possible during the winter.

An automatic sliding door is a smart choice for a wide variety of businesses. Some of the top areas where they are frequently installed include larger home retailers, grocery stores, health care centers, transportation hubs, educational centers and major service centers. They may also be used on the exterior of factories and manufacturing plants.

Most automatic sliding doors are made of steel or aluminum and glass to provide the sleekest look. They may be hung in several different ways depending on the size of the door chosen and the desired style. For example a frameless sliding door is usually hung from an overhead track with no connection to the floor. Smaller, single sliding doors are usually side-mounted with floor tracks. For larger doors, a metal frame with both overhead and floor tracks may be needed for strength and security.

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Exterior Sliding Doors

The majority of sliding doors, especially those found in residential settings, are located on the exterior of the building. For safety, security and energy efficiency, these options are usually made of glass and metal or fiberglass to protect the doorframe from rotting. Steel is the strongest option. However, those looking for a lighter-weight solution may prefer aluminum, which can also be far more affordable. Fiberglass is still another option to consider. The benefits of fiberglass include durability and superb long-term performance with reduced energy costs.

For residential uses, the most common exterior sliding door option is the patio door, which allows homeowners to extend their usable living space to the outdoors. Sliding patio doors usually work as bypass doors. However, if you are ready to branch out to other alternatives, you may want to consider pocket sliding doors, which are great space savers, or sliding French doors. While most French doors open and close in the traditional sense, sliding options conserve precious space while giving you amazing aesthetics.

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Interior Sliding Doors

Although you may automatically think of sliding doors as something for the exterior of a home or commercial space, they can also lend great beauty and functionality to the interior of a space as well. While a typical closet has either bi-fold or bypass sliding doors, you do not have to limit your imagination to these less frequently seen areas of your home. Sliding doors can increase the usable space in your home, create better defined spaces and match your personal style. One of the most popular sliding door types currently is the barn door,

which slides on an overhead track and often uses reclaimed lumber for door construction. However, sliding French doors or glass bifold doors can let plenty of light through a home while increasing sound privacy.

Interior sliding doors are also great investments for many businesses. Although the open floor plan remains popular for numerous office spaces today, interior sliding doors work well for meeting rooms and creative pods where people can work together in privacy. A sliding glass door can mesh well with glass partitions already in place and can continue to give you the open and spacious feel that your office needs. With an endless array of design options, Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc can help you choose the right sliding door for your needs whether you are creating a break room, conference room, examination room, or dedicated office space.

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Commercial Sliding Doors

Commercial sliding doors come in many shapes and sizes, and they can provide a myriad of benefits for your business. Whether you are a growing business or a major industrial center, we can work with you to select sliding doors that mirror your dedication to your business. You will find that sliding doors provide numerous advantages, including increased space inside your business, great energy efficiency, superb sound control, and amazing aesthetics.

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We keep the installation process as simple as possible by taking care of every step of the project. We can install only the sliding part of the door if you simply need a replacement, or we can also install a doorframe or a frameless option if your space is going through a remodel or if you are involved in new construction. In most cases, sliding door installation can be completed in only one day, instantly improving accessibility for your business.


When you choose Landmark Construction & Development Group inc for your next sliding door project in the Los Angeles area, you can rest assured that you will be working with the best team of experts who will know just how to complete your project correctly and quickly. Getting new sliding doors installed in your commercial space or in your home does not have to be a drawn-out or frustrating process. We will ensure that the entire process goes smoothly and leaves you with results of which you can be proud. Contact Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc today to find out more about the types of sliding door installation we offer or to schedule a service time.

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