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swimming pool cost in Los Angeles


on March 23, 2022

Swimming pools are an excellent investment. Not only do they increase property values, but they provide countless hours of fun in the Los Angeles, CA  heat. A well-designed pool can extend your living space to the great outdoors and some functionality to your backyard.

The benefits of having a pool are crystal clear, but how much does a swimming pool cost in Los Angeles? If you’re thinking about creating a cooling backyard oasis, there’s a lot to consider when creating your budget. Pool costs can vary dramatically, with the most affordable pools costing about $28,000 while the big and sophisticated ones cost as much as $150,000. How much you get to spend on a swimming pool in Los Angeles is largely  based on the following factors:

Pool Design 

swimming pool cost in Los Angeles

Swimming pool by Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc

The overall design will significantly influence the final swimming pool cost. Inground pools aren’t like the stock above-ground models you can get at a big-box store. They come in several designs that serve particular purposes.

Infinity Pool

Infinity pools are one of the most popular designs around. Also known as vanishing-edge pools, this design is the epitome of luxury! 

The beauty of an infinity pool comes from its marriage with the natural surroundings. One edge of the pool is designed to merge with the neighboring vista. Whether that’s an expansive blue sky, a glimmering body of water, or a concrete cityscape, the final product is nothing short of breathtaking. 

How much does an infinity swimming pool cost? Thanks to its unique edge mechanics, this design usually costs around 20 percent more than a basic inground design.

Lap Pool

If you want something more than a place to dip your feet, lap pools are the way to go. This design is relatively simple. Most are elongated rectangles without much width. At its core, lap pools are made for exercise.

They have enough room to accommodate a swimmer’s strokes as they burn away calories and work on their physical fitness.

In terms of functionality, lap pools aren’t the most flexible. While you can design a model that works for your entire family’s needs, most lap pools don’t have a ton of room for games and gatherings.


On the opposite end of the pool spectrum, we have the spool. A portmanteau of “Spa” and “Pool,” this design is all about delivering a resort-style experience without taking up a ton of room. They’re considerably smaller than your average family pool. 

However, spools also come with the added benefit of extra features. Jets, temperature control systems, built-in seating, and more elevate the experience and make spools more akin to hot tubs. 

When it comes to the swimming pool cost, spools tend to be slightly more affordable than standard designs. Though, that can change with added features.

Custom Pool

Custom pools are for homeowners who want to go all out and create a backyard oasis of their dreams. There’s no limit to what designers can make when they have carte-blanche to come up with imaginative ideas.

Usually, custom pools are the go-to for creating the ultimate summer experience while still staying true to the property. For example, these models can incorporate unique materials and shapes that cater to distinct landscapes.

A custom swimming pool cost in Los Angeles is very difficult to predict. It all depends on how big your imagination is!

Lagoon Pool

Lagoon-style pools are more freeform than the standard square or rectangle designs you see. As a result, they can have a slightly higher price tag to build.

The goal of a lagoon pool is to simulate a natural body of water. Many are adorned with faux rocks, tropical plants and shrubs, and realistic waterfalls. Newer innovations can even create beach-style entries and hidden grottos. Lagoon pools are beautiful and versatile enough to fit into most spaces.

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Pool Construction Materials

swimming pool cost in Los Angeles

Swimming pool cost in Los Angeles by Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc

In addition to the core design, the materials will affect the swimming pool cost. Pool builders can use a few different materials to turn your vision into a reality.


Vinyl pools are the most affordable option. The synthetic plastic polymer comes in the form of massive sheets and is available in various designs. Modern designs look just like tile and higher-grade materials.

Typically, vinyl liners sit on beds of smooth sand and use simple frame systems to hold the pool’s shape. Coping around the perimeter creates a finished edge.

A vinyl pool costs substantially less than more premium materials. However, the savings come with a shorter lifespan. Most experts recommend replacing vinyl pool liners every decade.


The swimming pool cost of fiberglass is usually higher than vinyl. However, the price jump isn’t massive. That’s because fiberglass pools are premade in a factory and delivered to your property as one enormous shell.

Reinforced plastic fibers are formed into the desired shape. The material is remarkably resilient. It’s the same stuff that’s used on boats and aquatic gear. You can expect a fiberglass pool to last upwards of 25 years before needing a replacement with proper care.


Concrete pools come with the highest swimming pool cost. That said, it offers more creative freedom than any other material. The only limits to what you can do with concrete are your imagination and budget. It’s ideal for custom shapes and intricate designs.

The material lasts a long time, too. With proper maintenance, you’re looking at a lifespan of over 50 years.


Glass is also becoming increasingly popular for swimming pool construction in Los Angeles. With technological advancements in the past new years, durable glass is easily manufactured for the sole purpose of swimming pools. These acrylic or glass swimming pools allow you to view in and out of the pool, which can be a scenic view for your outdoor space. The most popular glass pool options in Los Angeles include:

  • Pool Glass Walls
  • Pool Glass Bottoms
  • Pool Windows

Other Materials

It’s not just the material of the pool walls and floors you have to consider. Swimming pools are complicated outdoor features that utilize many different parts. Base level costs typically include the necessary equipment you need to keep your pool clean and operational.

But what about all of the extras? Every feature you add will increase the final swimming pool cost. That includes water features, lights, and anything else you might want.

Furthermore, you have to think about the materials used to create a finished look. We’re talking about fencing, decks, landscaping, plumbing, electrical wire, and more.

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Pool Size

swimming pool cost in Los Angeles

Swimming pool by Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc

The last swimming pool cost factor to think about is size. The price of your pool will rise exponentially the larger your design becomes. 

With an extensive footprint comes more preparation and installation work. The construction team will have to spend more time digging and preparing the site. Not only that, but the final product will call for more materials, finishes, and detailed work.

One decision many homeowners must make is where they want to focus their budget. Do you choose inexpensive materials to get a larger pool? Or do you go for a smaller size and premium supplies? With size being such a significant factor, every decision matters when determining the final swimming pool cost in Los Angeles.

Are you ready to start designing your dream pool? Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc is a licensed, bonded, and insured pool construction company that serves homeowners in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We’re more than happy to discuss potential swimming pool cost factors and design options. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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