When it comes to enjoying a beautifully finished construction project, it is important to work with a talented design-build contractor and a construction team focused on the details that are most important to you. At Landmark Construction, we ensure that we treat your project just as if it were our own building. From start to finish, we follow best practices, communicate regularly with you, and promise you the best services that you can find in the area. For design-build Los Angeles, you can trust us to follow your vision whether you need a small remodel or major ground-up construction. Construction & Development Group Inc works on both commercial and residential projects around the Los Angeles area, and we are proud of the work we do. We also use the highest standards and the most cutting-edge construction techniques to ensure that your finished project not only is beautiful in every way but also designed based on the latest industry science.


Design-build in Los Angeles is all about efficiency. Construction projects of any magnitude are significant investments that take time to complete. However, traditional construction strategies tend to be more complex.

They have many moving parts and multiple stakeholders contributing to the final product. While both processes can lead to the same end product, getting to that point is very different.

Design-build projects tend to be more streamlined, offering many advantages you don’t get with traditional construction. Here are just a few benefits that impact how your project gets to the finish line.


Did you know that design-build in Los Angeles is about 33.5 percent faster than traditional building techniques? When your design and build teams are one and the same, there are fewer hurdles to overcome. The architects and contractors are part of the same company, eliminating the need for additional bids to be set.

As a result, projects can start much sooner. Furthermore, things tend to move faster once the project takes off.

Having the design and build duties go to a single entity eliminates confusion. There’s no constant back-and-forth with separate teams, making the entire process move like a well-oiled machine with fewer bumps in the road.


When it comes to communication, design-build is the way to go! Communication is critical in construction projects. Once again, there are many people with their hats in the ring. Conflicts happen more than people realize, and a lack of health collaboration can bring construction to a grinding halt.

That’s not the case with design-build. It’s all about cohesion and efficient collaboration. In traditional builds, there’s often a disconnect between architects and contractors.

Details get lost in the mix, and expensive issues can arise. One example is change orders. Sudden changes can cause costly delays that set the project back significantly.

With design-build, better collaboration exists from the jump. Not only that, but the design and construction teams are usually under one roof. As a result, getting clarity is as simple as a quick meeting or email.

Design-build in Los Angeles is also easier for homeowners. There’s a single point of contact, creating an efficient flow of communication.


Finally, let’s talk about cost.

Building a new structure isn’t cheap, and saving wherever you can is a huge plus. Design-build in Los Angeles is often considerably more affordable than traditional construction delivery methods. Once again, it comes down to better cohesion across the board.

Usually, architects and contractors do their jobs separately. However, these two teams have unique priorities and distinct understandings of the construction process. Architects focus on design while contractors understand what it costs to make those visions a reality.

When the design and build departments are part of the same company, the project’s overall cost is the common thread. Contractors know what materials cost, how difficult it is to accomplish complex design elements and other factors that affect the budget.

With design-build, architects are more aware of the costs. It makes it easier to find the right balance that keeps everything within budget.


commercial design-build in Los Angeles

commercial design-build in Los Angeles

For our commercial clients, we offer everything from start-to-finish construction with the guidance of our design-build contractor to tenant improvements and soft-story retrofits. We can also quickly complete smaller projects, such as replacing windows and doors.


All employees deserve a functional space that encourages a productive workflow. At Landmark Construction, we will satisfy all of your commercial design needs. We listen to business owners so that we can comprehend all company goals and begin construction that delivers pleasing aesthetics and utilitarian features. In a little time, your office will be practical and lovely.


Our top priority is to turn a regular business space into an attractive place for your customers. Landmark Construction excels at commercial design-build. The renovation will begin quickly but will not affect your operations. We will finish your project as fast as possible and will deliver spectacular results.


Each medical professional expects an office that looks pleasing, attracts patients, and offers the ability to provide quality care. Landmark Construction has renovated a number of medical facilities. Our commercial design-build experience allows us to comprehend your needs and create a space that is conducive to diagnosing and treating various ailments. Each detail of your new facility will provide function and ease to your staff and patients.


Schools must provide welcoming spaces to students. At Landmark Construction, we will use our commercial design-build expertise to create an environment that encourages learning. We construct rooms that provide spaces for teaching lessons, displaying projects, and organizing supplies. Classroom space, conference rooms, and teacher lounges are all incorporated into a comprehensive plan.


At Landmark Construction, we understand the needs of industrial clients. Our commercial design-build team will create a plan that maximizes the space within your plant or warehouse. The end results will keep your employees safe and will maximize productivity. We understand the rules and regulations that are imposed on industrial buildings. Therefore, we will provide the best lighting, control noise, and install an HVAC system that ensures top air quality. We work with you to plan a space that is customized to your company’s operations.


residential design-build in Los Angeles

residential design-build in Los Angeles

Our residential clients will enjoy our attention to detail on home construction, remodels, room additions, and much more. Whether you want to increase the value of your home with a new backyard patio or a kitchen remodel or you want professional help with roofing and flooring, our team is the best choice in the area.


One of the most important rooms in any home is the kitchen. It is where most families gather, so it should be inviting. You will want top appliances and a functional layout. At Landmark Construction, our residential design-build experts will work with you to create a plan for your family. If you love to cook, we will provide a space that has ample counter space and storage. No matter your budget, we will create a kitchen that fits your needs.


When you decide that your home needs an update, Landmark Construction is ready. We have a residential design-build experience that will transform your existing space into a functional and beautiful place that your family can enjoy. We will work together and uncover a plan that fits your needs. In the end, you will have a home that provides comfort and style and increases in value.


A bathroom should be a haven where you can relax and unwind after a hectic day. A bathroom is usually small, but the team of residential design-build experts at Landmark Construction understands how to make the most of the space. We will recommend the best fixtures, flooring, showers, and tubs so that you end up with a functional and spa-like atmosphere.


Your home’s outdoor area is an extension of your entertainment space. At Landmark Construction, we will recommend the best type of patio for your house. Also, our team can create a beautiful oasis that features an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or fountain. Let us share our vision of how a patio can add value and luxury to your property.


A consultation with one of our talented contractors can help you know what to expect when you hire our team for any size of the project. We will be able to view your space, talk about construction possibilities and understand more about what you are hoping to accomplish. Our consultations are a free and easy way to learn more about our company and about the many ways that we can make your life simpler.

When you choose Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc for your Los Angeles design-build, remodel, or improvement project, you can rest assured that you are working with the best. We are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), ensuring that we will provide you with an environmentally conscious and energy-efficient building.

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