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by Ezra on February 27, 2018

Summer is around the corner and with it comes the record breaking Los Angeles heat and the high utility bills. Although both the heat and high utility bills are not unusual, you can make some summer energy upgrades for a more energy efficient home. With the help of professionals such Landmark Construction Crew, certain summer energy upgrades can be implemented in order to not only cool your home but to also tremendously lower your utility bills. The following summer energy upgrades are some of the most effective in lowering your utility bills :


Cool Roofing refers to the the type of roofing that is designed to reflect sunlight unlike the regular roofing, therefore absorbing less heat. Cool roofs are very effective in making your home more energy efficient because they are on the exterior of your house which means that they are the first line of defense against the summer heat. Cool Roofs are made by using either reflective tiles, paint, shingles or sheets and an energy upgrade professional should be able to advise you on what to use for your particular house.


Just like the roofing, windows are also the first line of defense against the summer heat, Hence they should be included in your summer energy upgrades for your home. Windows can also be a great source of air and heat leaks, so you get to save money on utility bills by getting them repaired and sealed or completely replaced by energy efficient windows which can cut down energy costs by as much as 20%.


Just like the aforementioned upgrades, cool wall is an exterior coating that differs from t regular paint by being more reflective and absorbing less heat. This means that your home will be much more cooler than when you decide to use regular paint, and cool wall also tends to reduce the stress on your building which is caused by the constant expansion and contraction from the heat.

If you are considering making any summer energy upgrades to your Los Angeles home, Landmark Construction Crew has different options for you to choose from. Call us at (818) 319-4970 for a Free consultation.



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