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on January 16, 2024

2022 is a year of significant change and a brand new normal. The world is beginning to show some semblance of pre-pandemic life. People are going out again to visit their favorite shops, restaurants, and other commercial hot spots. As a result, many businesses are looking to polish their properties with commercial window and door replacement services.

Your windows and doors have a significant impact on your building’s aesthetics and functionality. But more importantly, they play a massive role in the property’s safety and comfort! Things might be going back to normal, but the latest trends show that the focus on safety, sanitization, and efficiency is here to stay.

Here are some of the biggest trends for commercial window and door replacement in Los Angeles.

Commercial Security Window Replacement

Safety is always a concern for commercial property owners. Your building is a considerable investment, and it likely houses valuable products or equipment you can’t afford to lose! Security commercial window and door replacement in Los Angeles is a must in 2022. It helps businesses prepare for anything, and Landmark Construction & Development Group is eager to beef up your building.

In recent years, security glass has come a long way. The glass window and doors you see in most commercial buildings are already more resilient than their residential counterparts. But newer glass products are nothing short of impressive!

In 2022, you can get a commercial window and door replacement service that turns your building into a fortress. Security glass utilizes multiple components like strong frames and near-invisible films. These features help to prevent shattering and forced entry. Even if a would-be intruder breaks the glass, bonded construction with the frame makes dislodging it for forced entry more challenging than most would think.

Pair all that with bullet and shatter-resistant materials, and you have virtually foolproof security glass!

Commercial window and door replacement in Los Angeles ensures that your property is ready for whatever the world throws at it. New security glass protects your bottom line from forced entry, burglary attempts, seismic activity, natural disasters, and more.

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Energy Saving Window and Door Replacement

The shift toward “greener” building materials and business operations is nothing new! Businesses throughout Los Angeles and beyond are doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint. But 2022 is making that move towards environmentally friendly and energy-efficient materials even more critical.

Energy costs are at an all-time high. Let’s face it: Keeping a commercial building in the Los Angeles heat isn’t cheap. Running your AC units can eat up a significant chunk of your company’s operational budget. For this reason, many businesses are investing in energy-efficient commercial window and door replacement services.

Energy-efficient windows and doors use several design features that make a world of difference.

New windows and doors can provide better insulation thanks to multiple panes of glass. Triple glazed windows dramatically reduce thermal transfer. Despite letting light floor your building, these windows and doors ensure that the cool air stays in and the hot air stays out!

But that’s not all.

Commercial window and door replacement in Los Angeles can take advantage of gases like Argon and Krypton. Filling the space between glass panes with inert gases is another way to improve insulation. The gas acts as a buffer to reduce heat transfer, keeping your building cool and taking the load off your AC system.

Thanks to additional features like tight weather seals and modest tints, energy-efficient windows and doors are an investment that pays itself off in no time!

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Automatic Doors and Windows

In a post-pandemic world, many trends for commercial window and door replacement lean towards automation. Sensor technology and automation are nothing new to commercial buildings. But property owners who resisted the move towards tech-heavy windows and doors are now more eager than ever to invest.

Automatic doors are the epitome of convenience. When people have their hands full, there’s nothing better than using this technology to gain easy access to your building. But after the pandemic, automatic doors are more than just convenient. They can also help prevent the transmission of diseases and viruses like COVID-19.

There’s no need for anyone to touch an automatic or sliding door. That means no handles to sanitize constantly and less worry about your building becoming the latest hotspot for virus spreading!

Commercial windows and door replacement in Los Angeles also show an upward trend for automatic windows. Sensor-powered windows are less common than doors, but they have many perks. The biggest is controlling light and shade.

An automatic window can provide shade when your building and patrons need it. You don’t have to rely on workers to make your property comfortable. The sensors take care of that process!

These high-tech windows can also make your building more energy-efficient, which is always a major plus.

Ready to upgrade your building with a commercial window and door replacement in Los Angeles? Turn to Landmark Construction & Development Group. Whether you own a store, an apartment building, or a massive industrial complex, new windows and doors are a fantastic way to set your property up for success in 2022! Give us a call today to schedule your consultation.

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