Construction & Development Group Inc has the best energy efficient windows Los Angeles can provide. Installing Energy Efficient Windows is one of the most important energy upgrades that a homeowner can make to their Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley or Orange county property because windows are responsible for about 30% of all heat loss and gain. By updating your existing windows or completely replacing them with energy efficient windows, you’ll be saving energy and money. There are many options to choose from such as vinyl windows, fiberglass windows,  double-pane windows, triple-pane windows or wood windows and it’s all dependent on what you prefer and which ones make sense for your type of building. Energy Efficient Window installation by Construction & Development Group Inc has a number of benefits.

Benefits of an Energy Efficient Window Installation







Triple Glazed Energy Efficient Windows

Triple Glazed Vinyl Energy Efficient Windows are very effective with energy efficiency because of the three panes and insulation in between them that they have. Unlike a regular one pane window, Triple glazed vinyl energy efficient windows have 3 layers of glass that tremendously improves insulation and this helps to keep the heat in during the winter and helps to maintain cool during the hot summers.

Gas Filled Energy Efficient Windows

In order to to further minimize heat transfer between glass panes of both double and triple glazing wings, a gas or gasses are filled in between the glass panes to reduce convection. Gases like Argon and Krypton are used because they are inert gases which are clear, non-toxic and odorless just like air but act as a cushion to reduce heat transfer. In summer, the heat from the exterior environment won’t be transferred into the interior of your house and in winter the heat in the interior of your house wont be lost.

Triple Glazed Wood Framed

Wood is still very popular among homeowners for their windows because of it’s aesthetic properties and it also insulates really well. Wood framed windows can be painted with a different color whenever you feel like and can also be styled into unique shapes, patterns and sizes. Construction & Development Group Inc can install wood frame energy efficient windows to help you with your energy efficiency goals while also still keeping it’s warm natural look.

Some of the Energy Efficient Window Installations we do include :

awning energy efficient windows los angeles

Awning Energy Efficient Windows

bay energy efficient windows los angeles

Bay Energy Efficient Windows

slider energy efficient windows los angeles

Slider Energy Efficient Windows

casement energy efficient windows los angeles

Casement Energy Efficient Windows

palladian energy efficient windows los angeles

Palladian Energy Efficient Windows

double-hung energy efficient windows los angeles

Double-Hung Energy Efficient Windows

We are committed to helping both homeowners and commercial building owners install energy efficient windows and save money. Call Construction & Development Group Inc on (818) 319-4970 to Schedule your FREE energy efficient window installation consultation.

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