We can design a smart home Los Angeles residents can enjoy living in with ease of use of the every day necessities such as the changing of temperatures, security and entertainment.  Having a “Smart Home” used to conjure up images of a expensive, high-tech gadgets installed in multi-million dollar homes, but the truth is that the focus on environmental issues coupled with new technologies has produced an amazing array of energy saving, low-cost, efficient home automation solutions, making a “Smart Home Conversion” a truly “smart idea.” A Smart Home Conversion doesn’t require any major renovations, and will start saving you money right away on your utilities costs. In fact, the energy savings alone can pay for an entire Smart Home Conversion in just a few years. A majority of new construction now includes Smart Home innovations, and installing them can boost your home’s value considerably.

Types Of Smart Home Installations 







Smart Home improvements you can start with include: 

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Programmable Thermostat

The biggest amount of your energy dollar goes to heating and cooling costs. A programmable thermostats can heat or cool only specific rooms or areas of the home, can automatically turn heating and cooling on or off at specific times, and can even control your homes heating and air remotely. It also learns your habits so as to automatically adjust to your preferences and help you save more energy.

smart home los angles

Motion Censors

Motion sensors and occupation detectors can sense when a room or space is occupied. Even though motion censors are typically associated with security systems,  there are numerous ways in which motion sensors can be used to make your life easier. One such way is by turning appliances and electrinics  on or off whenever they are in close proximity to them such as lights. You can also control lights and appliances remotely with a digital device like a smart phone, turning things off when not in use. Power Timers and Monitors help you monitor the optimal times to run power-hungry appliances and home amenities that use a lot of electricity, like pools, hot tubs, spas, attic and/or exhaust fans.

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