Whether your office space needs a facelift or your business is moving into a new-to-you space, Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc is here to help you with your office remodel in Los Angeles. We can assist you with cosmetic updates, improved amenities and fixtures, new office layouts, and much more. An office remodel can help you better enjoy your space, experience great energy savings, increase productivity and creativity, and let you put your best foot forward when it comes to dealing with your clients. If it is time to get your office up to date, let our experienced contractor help you design the perfect office remodel in Los Angeles.









full office remodeling in Los Angeles

If you are looking for a complete change for your office, a full office remodel in Los Angeles is the way to go. First, our team will help you determine what your goals are for your remodel. Whether you need to increase the space that you have, create a more open layout or address safety and security issues, we can assist you in making the appropriate changes. We can also add bathrooms and kitchens, create a more accessible office space or build larger zones for collaborative projects. By giving your office a facelift, you can feel as if you are in a completely new space.


office flooring office remodeling in Los Angeles

Of course, Landmark can also help with a smaller office remodel in Los Angeles if you only want to change one or two portions of your space. Flooring is often an excellent starting point because it quickly wears out and can lead to safety and tripping hazards over time. Landmark is able to provide installation services for all types of common and popular office flooring options, including the following:

  • Wood laminate for a natural or traditional look
  • Carpet or simple carpet tiles that work well even in high-traffic areas
  • Natural stone and concrete for durability
  • Rubber or cork for improved comfort
  • Vinyl for easy maintenance

We also offer unique micro-cement, a thin polymer floor coating that helps you cut costs while still get the durability and unique look of concrete.


conference room office remodel in Los Angeles

If you have a large office and are a business that frequently meets face-to-face with clients, an enclosed conference room is vital for privacy. We can help you take the space that you already have and carve out a welcoming area perfect for meetings of any size. In addition, we can also work with your existing conference room to create a more open and spacious layout that exudes a modern look. Using glass partitions to encase your space is one option. In addition, we can add recessed and ambient lighting, a fresh coat of paint, and high-end floors for this customer-centric space. We encourage embracing natural light whenever possible, including the newest technology in your upgrades, and focusing on comfort throughout the process.


glass partitions office remodeling

One of the top trends in office spaces today is the open floor plan. The feeling of openness can improve mood while increasing collaboration among colleagues. If you are looking for a way to create a spacious feel in your office space but still need to have some partitions in central locations, we can discuss adding glass partitions during your office remodel in Los Angeles.

Every office is different, but the benefit of glass partitions is that they can be used almost anywhere. In smaller offices, they can create the illusion of increased space. In dark offices with few windows, they can increase natural light even in darker corners. In addition, they create a highly modern yet simple look, which can improve employee morale.


office windows office remodeling in Los Angeles

Although office windows are one of the most frequently forgotten aspects of any office remodel in Los Angeles, they are incredibly important when it comes to the overall look of your space. The right size and style of window will set off your office’s overall design whether you are focused on a modern, sophisticated atmosphere or a traditional, luxurious look. We can help with custom window solutions, including heavy plate glass, bow or bay windows, picture windows and much more. We will also help you choose an energy-efficient option that will save you plenty of money on utility costs every year.

An office remodel in Los Angeles can help you improve the external look of your business while also giving you a wide array of internal benefits. From saving money to improving the morale of your employees, a smart remodel is an investment that just keeps giving. If you know that your space needs an upgrade but are not sure what needs to be done, turn to our talented team at Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc. We can help you accomplish any size of an office remodel in Los Angeles and can aid you in cementing your commitment to the betterment of your business.

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