Want to upgrade your office appeal? Low maintenance, highly customizable commercial glass is the solution. It’s time to talk to the commercial glass experts. Landmark provides custom, professional glass installation and repair with our expertly trained crews. Licensed, bonded, and insured, we pride ourselves on our high-quality commercial glass in Los Angeles with innovative designs and client-first approach. We offer a number of different materials to choose from, and we’re unmatched in our customer service. From custom wood frames to security windows and glass doors, everything you need for a glass office aesthetic is right here.

Why Choose Landmark for Commercial Glass in Los Angeles

Need professionally installed, beautiful commercial glass? Whether interior or exterior, Landmark can make your office look spectacular. From design to installation to maintenance, you can count on our team of dependable glass experts to provide cutting-edge glass designs and impeccable execution.

Our commercial glass services include:

  • Commercial glass design
  • Storefront installation
  • Glass wall partition
  • Tempered glass repair and replacement
  • Safety glass replacement
  • Glass railings
  • Windows
  • Security glass
  • Glass doors
  • And many more!

Our experts study the latest techniques and designs to create something unique and innovative for our clients, while still building secure and safe glass installations.

Commercial Storefront

Nothing is more important than the first impression of your business. Your commercial storefront invites customers and clients into your business. Once we design the perfect glass storefront, we’ll take care of installation and security. Storefronts require a safe design and proper sealing to prevent risks, such as burglary and leaks. What type of storefront door do you need? Both curtain walls and storefronts are non-load-bearing and built aluminum framing and glass components that require an expert’s touch. When thinking about commercial glass in Los Angeles, business owners should also work with designers first to ensure that the final result matches their office’s aesthetic.

Glass Wall Partitions

Want to open up your workplace and create a modern atmosphere? Glass partitions are non-load bearing panes that divide your office building without sacrificing any floor space or light. Typically made from high-quality glass, glass partitions create a futuristic style for offices, especially when you want to create open and airy environments. For a practical and comfortable working environment, glass partitions provide natural light and flow in any given space. With a contractor specialized in commercial glass in Los Angeles, businesses can effortlessly renovate and update old office spaces with new glass designs.

Glass Railings

Why not improve your business and safety with custom glass railing systems? These tempered glass designs prevent damage due to cracking and corrosion. In comparison to older railing systems, glass designs are sleek and require very low maintenance. The designs are easy to customize for any building, creating a versatile addition to any office. Best of all, you can still open up a room and increase visibility from any room.


Construction & Development Group Inc also works with businesses that need custom commercial glass in LA for windows. Our high-quality, security glass is the perfect replacement for your office. We work with all of our clients to ensure that you always get the most innovative and budget-friendly glass design for your office. In addition to custom windows, we also handle bulk orders and installation for all interiors and exteriors. Need repairs for leaks and seals? Let us show you how quickly and efficiently our window replacement crews can assist you.

Glass Doors

Quality commercial glass doors make all the difference. Custom glass adds character and charm, improving the aesthetic of your brand from the moment you welcome in customers and clients. Whether you need custom materials, replacements, unique shape, or specific safety measures, our specialists take the time to learn about your office and what you’re looking for. From concept to installation, LandmarConstruction & Development Group Inck Construction Crew offers the best custom glass doors in Los Angeles. Whether you are looking for something traditional and budget-friendly or have a unique design in mind, we’re the glass contractors to call.

Choose the Top Installer for Commercial Glass in Los Angeles

Not only will you get exactly what you asked for, but we also work hard to impress local businesses and clients. That’s how we’ve grown our business every single year. Every contractor for commercial glass in LA should be this easy to work with. When you need any high-quality glass and fast installation, call Construction & Development Group Inc to schedule a consultation or schedule online. We’re ready to help.

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