Medical renovation and construction are about more than just creating a safe and comfortable space. It’s about building a functional structure that caters to your needs and the needs of patients. Medical facilities are crucial to the well-being of your community. Whether you run a small health clinic or a hospital that provides detailed multidisciplinary care, having a well-built and well-designed building is paramount.

At Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc, we take pride in our detail-oriented approach to complex projects like medical construction in Los Angeles. As an experienced medical remodeling contractor, we have what it takes to turn your ideas into reality and deliver a finished build fine-tuned to your exact needs.

Medical Renovation, Remodeling, and Construction in los angeles


medical construction in Los Angeles

medical construction in Los Angeles

If you’re planning a brand-new build, you need the hands-on experience and knowledge of a seasoned contractor at the helm. Depending on its purpose and intended use, medical buildings sometimes have unique requirements to fulfill during the construction phase. From unconventional codes and operational standards to regulations that enhance the patient experience, the needs of a medical building are far more complex than your average commercial or industrial project.

No matter the extent of your vision, Landmark Construction & Development Group is here to help. We’re ready to tackle projects of any size, providing the service you need to complete high-quality medical construction in Los Angeles. With years in the field, we know what it takes to build medical buildings from the ground up.

Our team focuses on more than just structural elements and interior finishes. We understand that this building has to support your goals, meet your occupancy requirements, and facilitate core care functions. Whether you’re building small medical offices or a full-blown medical center that will treat hundreds every day, we’re here to ensure that you get a building that sustains your healthcare operations.

At Landmark Construction, we can take care of all the finer details to ensure that every step goes off without a hitch. From initial evidence-based design and targeted development to the interior finishing touches, you can trust us to construct a building that fits your specifications to a tee.


medical remodeling in Los Angeles

medical remodeling in Los Angeles

We do more than new medical construction in Los Angeles. Landmark Construction is also a trusted medical remodeling contractor. With the expert touch of our team, you can transform any outdated medical building into a state-of-the-art healthcare oasis. Our goal is to remodel old structures and bring them into the modern age of healthcare.

Medical buildings these days are some of the sleekest and most technically advanced around. As a whole, healthcare has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Patients expect a certain level of contemporary design to reflect the facility’s capabilities. Don’t let a drab look prevent you from providing the care your patients need.

Landmark Construction can perform a myriad of remodeling projects. During a medical remodeling, we can:

  • Upgrade aesthetic finished
  • Utilize cost-effective and easy-to-maintain materials
  • Expand rooms
  • Reconfigure layouts
  • Maximize space
  • Install new equipment

As an experienced medical remodeling contractor, we know how to address your goals while staying within budget and on schedule. We prioritize safety, energy efficiency, and functionality in everything we do. Your project involving remodeling and medical construction in Los Angeles is no different.


medical renovation in Los Angeles

medical renovation in Los Angeles

Ready to transform an old building into a modern haven of medical care? We have you covered! Landmark Construction can take on projects requiring renovation and medical construction in Los Angeles. Our medical renovation services are comprehensive and all-encompassing. We aim to help building owners and healthcare providers create the perfect space to treat patients, handle medical office work, and more.

Medical renovation projects have a unique set of challenges to overcome. Turning an existing building into a medical facility is no easy task. In most cases, original contractors did not build these structures with healthcare in mind. Projects can involve everything from retrofitting equipment to updating structural elements to meet modern code requirements. Even if the changes are minor, most medical renovations need a significant overhaul for aesthetics and finishes.

Whatever the case may be, you can trust a medical remodeling contractor like Landmark Construction to handle it all. We can renovate a wide range of buildings to meet your specific needs.


specialized healthcare construction and renovation in Los Angeles

specialized healthcare construction and renovation in Los Angeles

When most people think of a healthcare facility, they picture a large medical center. But when you take a broader look at the healthcare industry, it’s evident that medical centers only scratch the surface. There are many specialized healthcare facilities out there. As a trusted medical remodeling contractor, Landmark Construction can handle it all.


Hospitals are one of the more complex structures to build. They typically involve massive buildings that house a multitude of rooms and wings. Hospitals are “catch-all” facilities that serve entire communities. Not only do they have intensive care units that can save lives, but they also house facilities for childbirth, surgery, rehabilitation centers, and more.

Projects of this magnitude can be tricky, but Landmark Construction is ready to serve. We have years of hands-on experience doing large-scale medical construction in Los Angeles.


Clinics aren’t nearly as large as hospitals, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less important. These facilities typically house a specific type of healthcare provider. They don’t have all of a hospital’s flexibility or occupancy capabilities, making careful design and construction much more critical.

Some of the kinds of clinics Landmark Construction can build or renovate include:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Sexual health
  • Mental health
  • Primary care
  • Cosmetic surgery

Outpatient Care Center

An outpatient care center can provide quick and efficient treatment. Typically, these medical centers have the flexibility to serve many patients. But, they don’t have the means to offer overnight or long-term care.

Landmark Construction can complete outpatient centers that involve medical renovation or medical construction in Los Angeles. Our team can develop a design that maximizes occupancy and efficiency.

Specialized Care Center

No matter what type of care center you want to build, Landmark Construction is here to help. We’ll go over the needs of your building in great detail. Our team understands that specialized care requires strategically designed structures for maximum efficiency. Whether you’re building a birthing center, a rehab clinic, or a hospice home, let Landmark Construction create the most functional space possible.

Medical renovation and construction services are massive undertakings. Don’t trust your investment with just anyone. Landmark Construction is an experienced medical remodeling contractor with highly trained and dedicated professionals. We’re committed to finishing your project on time, within budget, and to your specifications. Contact Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc today to learn more about our medical construction, remodeling, and renovation services. You can also schedule a consultation to see what we can do for you in Los Angeles.

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