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Get the protection your commercial property needs without sacrificing aesthetics. Bulletproof glass in Los Angeles is a beautiful material that looks like standard glass to the naked eye. However, it offers powerful ballistics protection to keep businesses, employees, and patrons safe. At Landmark Construction, we’re proud to offer bulletproof glass in Los Angeles to provide peace of mind and safety to commercial properties of all sizes.

Types of Bulletproof Glass

While many assume that all bulletproof glass in Los Angeles is the same, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Numerous options are available to protect pharmacies, banks, retail stores, and more. Each type of glass has unique characteristics, allowing you to get the level of protection your property needs.

Laminated Bulletproof Glass

Here’s one of the first widely available options for bulletproof glass in Los Angeles. Laminated bulletproof glass is still widely used today and is often the go-to for forced-entry resistance. It contains layers of glass and resin joined together to provide optimal durability and glass resistance. This glass is available in varying thicknesses and requires strong frames to accommodate its weight.

Acrylic Bullet-Resistant Glass

This type of glass usually doesn’t contain any glass at all. Instead, it consists of a single piece of solid thermoplastic acrylic. Like laminated bulletproof glass, acrylic bullet-resistant glass comes in varying thicknesses. Because of its monolithic design, it offers more flexible applications. Experts can cut, shape, and slot the material for virtually any application.

Bulletproof Glass-Clad Polycarbonate

If you want the most robust bulletproof glass in Los Angeles, glass-clad polycarbonate (GCP) is often your best bet. GCP contains layers of glass, polycarbonate and an inner adhesive film. Depending on the thickness of bulletproof GCP, properly installed panes can offer the highest level of protection available, UL 8. It’s more impact-resistant than acrylic or laminated glass, making it suitable for protection against ballistics, forced-entry attempts, blasts, and even severe weather.

Polycarbonate Bulletproof Glass

Polycarbonate bulletproof glass is similar to GCP. However, it contains a thick polycarbonate layer surrounded by two acrylic layers. The final product is a laminated glass with a bulletproof rating of up to UL 3. Polycarbonate glass is typically more cost-effective than GCP and more protective than standard monolithic acrylic.

Insulated Ballistic Glass

Here’s a newer type of bulletproof glass in Los Angeles. Insulated ballistic glass can vary in thickness, offering protection ratings between UL 1 and UL 8. It also provides energy efficiency benefits. It contains two or more laminated glass panels with an insulating air gap. Insulated ballistic glass offers superior light transmission and good R-value thanks to the design. For those reasons, property owners often utilize it for exterior applications.

Bulletproof Glass Service

Bulletproof glass in Los Angeles can benefit commercial properties of all sizes and uses. At Landmark, we provide bulletproof glass service to help property owners achieve optimal protection and curb appeal. Here are a few examples of common installations we perform.

Bulletproof Glass Doors

Glass doors are an excellent addition to commercial properties. They’re aesthetically pleasing, invite customers in, and allow light to fill a space. With bulletproof glass, exterior doors can offer optimal protection against ballistics, forced entries, and more. They enhance buildings and provide peace of mind after hours.

Bulletproof Windows

One of the most common applications for bulletproof glass in Los Angeles is through exterior and interior windows. Windows are a necessity, but they can also be a point of vulnerability. With bulletproof glass installation, that’s no longer the case. Whether you have small windows or expansive glass walls that allow potential customers to see inside your building, utilizing bullet-resistant glass makes your property safer than ever.

Bandit Barrier Glass

Bandit barrier glass refers to partitions that separate two sides of a counter. Traditional glass or simple acrylic provides basic separation. But bulletproof glass offers impressive protection, preventing would-be criminals from entering sensitive zones. They’re a must-have for banks, pharmacies, vulnerable storefronts, and more, protecting employees and preventing violent attacks.

Bulletproof Glass Installation in Los Angeles

All it takes is for one unexpected event to harm your business, employees, and patrons. Give your commercial property the protection it needs. Turn to Landmark Construction & Development Group for bulletproof glass in Los Angeles. We’re a trusted general contractor with over three decades of combined experience with commercial construction. Our team understands the importance of bulletproof glass and knows how to work around its unique complexities. From bulletproof glass protecting stores with high-value items to bandit barriers that keep bank personnel safe from criminals, we do it all. Contact Landmark today to discuss your project in greater detail and learn more about how bulletproof glass in Los Angeles can benefit your project.

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