In retail, first impressions matter. Whether you own a well-established chain or a small business trying to make an impact, the look and feel of your storefront make all the difference. If it doesn’t appeal to shoppers’ sensibilities, it’s not going to draw them in. Luckily, Construction & Development Group Inc is here to help!

We can transform the look and feel of your storefront with glass. Storefront glass in Los Angeles packs a visual punch, letting window shoppers see your merchandise. All the while, it protects your assets and creates an inviting environment that puts shoppers in a spending mood. Let us bring your vision to life using the transformative power of commercial glass!


It’s not just windows that make up your storefront installation. Your customers need an access point. While your freight doors and rear exits can have an industrial look, your customer-facing entry points need to have a bit of aesthetic flair.

Glass Doors offer tons of modern appeal. They’re clean, sophisticated, and versatile enough to accommodate your ever-changing marketing materials. Plus, the transparent nature lets light flood in, turning an otherwise dark and dingy space into a bright haven.

Here at Construction & Development Group Inc, we offer a wide range of options for your storefront in Los Angeles. We understand that your glass doors do much more than just let customers in and out. They also protect your bottom line, keeping your merchandise and equipment safe from harm.

For this reason, we can install all kinds of doors to match your storefront glass in Los Angeles. From standard tempered glass to robust laminated glass or heavy-duty security glass, we do it all! In addition to distinct glass strengths, our team installs several designs. Most fall into two categories: Single and double storefront glass doors.

1. Single Storefront Glass Doors

Single doors are perfect for smaller buildings that need storefront glass in Los Angeles. Typically, these units easily retrofit into old openings. With a bit of metal framing, your outdated design turns into something fit for the modern retail landscape.

Compact and easy to maintain, these doors offer tons of flexibility. Use them to control the amount of natural light pouring in and use the glass composition to get a custom look. As always, we can also customize door hardware and swing direction to work for your building.

2. Double Storefront Glass Doors

Great for larger buildings with plenty of space to spare, double storefront doors give your building a grand entrance! They’re wide enough to accommodate a decent flow of traffic. Furthermore, the wide opening improves accessibility, ensuring that you’re catering to all types of shoppers.

With help from Construction & Development Group Inc, you can customize your double storefront doors to your liking. Adjust glass types, frame materials, and functional features to get the perfect set of doors.

3. Automatic Storefront Doors

Ultimately, the goal is to have shoppers leave with their arms full of merchandise! With automatic glass doors, your customers can come and go without lifting a finger.

These doors utilize robust sensors to detect people before they even approach the threshold. It’s a subtle touch that creates a grand impression for your business. Plus, the automatic operation makes your entryway safe and contactless.


The sky’s the limit with storefront glass in Los Angeles. The experts at Construction & Development Group Inc can lend their design prowess to create a storefront that prioritizes both form and function.

1. Energy Efficient Glass Storefront

Why not use your storefront installation project to address energy issues in your building? Heating and cooling stores of any size is a massive undertaking. Anything you can do to improve energy efficiency makes a difference.

We can go over your options to provide the most efficient material possible. Our most efficient glass types include:

  • Treated Low-Emissivity Glass
  • Double-Pane Glass
  • Gas-filled glass

Windows using these types of glass act as an insulator. All the while, they look crystal-clear and have no marking of special treatment. All your shoppers will see is the best storefront glass in Los Angeles!

2. Aluminum Storefront

Want to create a breathtaking look that stands out? Construction & Development Group Inc can install an aluminum-frame storefront. Aluminum is a lightweight and robust material that effortlessly blends in with the modern decor. It’s cost-efficient as well, making it easy to get a good bang for your buck.

Aluminum storefronts are usually non-load-baring. As a result, the design opportunities open up tremendously. Install a massive glass wall complete with easy-access doors. The impact on your store’s curb appeal will be second to none!

3. Energy-Efficient Storefront

One factor that prevents many business owners from installing storefront glass in Los Angeles is the heat factor. If your building gets considerable sun exposure, the natural light can heat the store and raise cooling costs. Fortunately, there are ways around that obstacle.

Energy-efficient storefront designs insulate your building to cut back on HVAC expenses. Construction & Development Group Inc can install a wide range of efficient alternatives to standard glass.

Tinted panes can reduce glare, block out UV rays, and keep the store cool. Meanwhile, Low-E glass minimizes infrared and ultraviolet light to prevent the passing of thermal energy. We can also fill double or triple-pane panels with gas for added insulation.

4. Decorative Storefront

Decorate glass can take your storefront installation to the next level! Contrary to what many think, there are tons of ways to change the look of glass. At Construction & Development Group Inc, some of the decorative panes we can install include:

  • Clear glass
  • Frosted glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Colored glass
  • Mirrored glass
  • Etched glass
  • Printed glass

Let your imagination run wild! With our expert touch, we’ll make your ideas for storefront glass in Los Angeles a reality.


Construction & Development Group Inc handles more than just design or renovation. We bring a combined 30 years of commercial construction experience to the table. No matter how big or small your project might seem, we’ll be there to handle every detail.

Our professional storefront installation service is customized to your exact needs. Every building is different, and we ensure that your glass is installed safely, efficiently, and to your requirements.

The team at Construction & Development Group Inc¬†works hard to impress every client we serve. We’re storefront installation experts who are ready to transform as many retail locations as you need. With beautiful storefront glass in Los Angeles, you’re well on your way to success!

Give Construction & Development Group Inc a call today to schedule an appointment. We’d be happy to go over your options and discuss your project during an on-site consultation.

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