Accessories Dwelling Units, also known as ADUs, are small secondary structures on the same property as a home. Some refer to them as backyard cottages or guest houses. Whatever you call it, these separate buildings come with a ton of perks.

ADU construction in Los Angeles is booming, and when you look at the benefits they bring, it’s not hard to see why. If you’re toying with the idea of hiring an ADU contractor in Los Angeles, here’s some need-to-know information to mull over.


First things first, why even consider an ADU? These accessory buildings seem like nothing more than an extra room or hobby space to the uninitiated. However, they can provide some serious advantages to your everyday life and property.

Additional Income

One of the biggest reasons homeowners consider getting an ADU is to tap into Los Angeles’ thriving rental market. Apartments and rental properties in Los Angeles are in high demand. Why not use some of your owned buildable land to create income-producing units?

An ADU can generate ongoing passive income. You can use that to cover mortgage payments, pad your savings account, or even help make ends meet. There’s a lot of money in rental properties, and ADU construction in Los Angeles is the perfect way to take advantage of it.

Property Value

Even if you don’t rent out your ADU, it’s supporting your bottom line. An accessory dwelling unit effectively raises your property’s usable square footage. It doesn’t matter if it’s detached or not; you’re creating more living space.

Best of all, an ADU contractor in Los Angeles only charges you for building the structure itself. You already own the property it’s on.

Once finished, an ADU can add significant value to your overall property value. If you sell in the future, you may get more than you paid for when buying.

Guest House

Finally, ADUs make the perfect guest house! It’s close enough to your main home to provide the closeness you want with visitors. However, the unit gives your guests their own private space. You won’t feel like you’re on top of one another, which is a big plus regardless of how big your main house is.

ADUs make fantastic guest houses for out-of-town visitors, older children, or parents and in-laws.


Construction contractor in los angeles

ADU Construction contractor in Los Angeles

There are several types of ADUs you can get. In addition to size and finishes, the kind of building you get will determine the total cost of ADU construction in Los Angeles. Here are a few of the most common units available.

Attached ADU

An attached ADU is akin to a townhouse or duplex situation. It’s an extension of the main building, but it has a separate entrance and living spaces.

Attached ADU construction in Los Angeles is a suitable option for compact lots where space is limited. You can still achieve that separation while taking advantage of every square foot available to you. Many homeowners also like to build attached ADUs to provide multiple access points. For example, older children and guests can have a separate space while maintaining easy access to the main home.

Detached ADU

Ask any ADU contractor in Los Angeles, and they’ll tell you that detached units are the most common. As the name would imply, these buildings are completely separate from the main home. There are no shared walls, and most setups have ample space between structures.

Detached ADUs provide more privacy. For this reason, detached designs are utilized most for rental units. Furthermore, the independent nature of the structure allows for square footage and building flexibility.

Conversion ADU

Last but not least, there’s a conversion ADU. An ADU contractor in Los Angeles can convert existing structures into separate units. For example, you might have an unused garage, basement, or shed structure. You can convert it into a separate ADU to create additional space or generate rental income.

Generally, the costs associated with ADU construction in Los Angeles are lower with conversions. The structure already exists, so the brunt of the work is modification.


ADU cost and financing in Los Angeles

ADU cost and financing in Los Angeles

ADUs are a fantastic investment that can support your long-term bottom line. But, you have to consider the costs involved with ADU construction in Los Angeles. The average price of an ADU can be anywhere between $60,000 to $300,000 or more!

Of course, that’s a very rough estimate. It all depends on the type of unit you’re building, its size, and the general finishes inside.

The good news is that most ADUs can make up that cost through long-term rental income or increased property value. Not only that, but you have plenty of financing options available to you. Homeowners can consider the following options to cover the costs of ADU construction in Los Angeles:

  • Home Equity Loans
  • Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Construction Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Cash-Out Refinance

Ready to start building the ADU you’ve always wanted? Whether you plan on renting it out or using it as some additional living space, Landmark Construction and Development Group is here to help. We’re an experienced ADU contractor in Los Angeles with years of experience building these in-demand structures. Let us take care of every project detail to make the process as smooth and worry-free as possible. Give us a call today to schedule an on-site consultation!

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