Landmark is Los Angeles’ leading contractor for all tile installation services. We specialize in a number of tiling services, such as ceramic tile, marble tiles, granite tiles, porcelain, and mosaic. We also provide shower tile, commercial tile, and tile backsplash installation services.

As tile installers in Los Angeles, we serve all areas around the city and county. At Landmark Construction, our main goal is to serve you with excellent work and affordable flooring. Our teams are comprised of experienced licensed and bonded tile installers in Los Angeles.

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Ceramic Tile Installers in Los Angeles

Ceramic tile is an affordable option for flooring, and it’s also the most popular. With its resistance to water and stains, you can use tiles for all custom designs. Beautiful patterns and designs are available that can bring any room to life. Whether you are looking to install floor tile, backsplash, shower tile, or something else, our expert tile installers are ready to help with a flawless installation.

Easy to Maintain

Tile doesn’t hold any stains or dirt. If something spills, you can easily wipe it away because nothing gets absorbed. We’ll take care of expert glazing, sealing, and grouting so that it remains beautiful for years to come.

Water Resistant

One of the best benefits to tile is that it doesn’t hold any water. With a water-resistant floor, you get a protective layer from stains. However, it’s also resistant to high humidity and moisture, you won’t have to worry about tiles coming loose or corroding due to high temperatures.

Long-Lasting Tile Installation

Tiles are pretty tough, particularly when you choose a high-quality brand. Most ceramic tile installation lasts for 20 years or more. In some cases, a severe impact can cause cracks, which can easily be replaced. We’ll gladly help you file the most durable tile for your home.

Marble Tile Installers in Los Angeles

Are you looking for a high-quality, immaculate flooring or countertop option? Marble flooring is extremely durable, easy to clean, and elegant. Not only do our clients talk about their increased home value, but it’s an allergy-deterrent since it doesn’t collect dust or dander. There are many benefits to marble flooring and other custom installation. We’re the experts to call if you want any kind of marble tiling.

Most Beautiful Tile

There are so many types of marble available. From carrara marble to crema marfil, tile installation for your countertop or floors can include any type that you like. Need a recommendation? We’ll show you the best marble in Los Angeles for your home.

Easy to Clean

We’ll take care of installation and sealing. Like any stone tiles, marble only requires a mild detergent for cleaning. With proper care and maintenance, your floors will last for years.

Granite Tile Installers in Los Angeles

Granite tile strength is ideal for your countertops or floors. Using granite tiles can actually save you more than installing solid granite as well. We pride ourselves in custom granite installation. From St. Cecilia granite to Kashmir white to black pearl granite tile installation, our services include any type of granite and affordable pricing. We’re experienced in the careful, precise installation of different countertops and floors.

Gorgeous Aesthetics

Granite adds beauty to any room, especially when complementary to your interior decor. Imagine sleek black granite stone in your kitchen or bathroom, or what about blue pearl or ferro gold? There are so many options to customize the look of your tile installation.


Granite lasts forever. It’s resistant to scratches and stains, but it’s also one of the strongest materials for tiling floors. Whether you want to create a custom kitchen or bathroom floor, all types of granite tile installation provide sturdiness and beautiful touch to any area of your home.

Increase Property Value

Want to instantly see your home increase in value? Granite adds instant appeal to any home, whether you add it to your kitchen, living room, or even pool area. It’s the perfect way to update your home. We’re the tile installers in Los Angeles to call for custom granite designs.

Porcelain Tile Installers in Los Angeles

There’s something about the beauty of porcelain. Whenever we install this beautiful tile in bathrooms and kitchens, our clients absolutely love the results. More durable than ceramic, porcelain is a long-lasting option for all of your countertops and bathroom needs.

Low Maintenance and Durable

There’s a reason that porcelain is considered the most high-quality tile. For one, you don’t have to do much to maintain its beautiful luster. Water and stains wipe right off. It’s also quite durable and lasts for over 20 years even with high traffic use.

Water Resistant

Another reason our clients love porcelain is because it resists leaks and other damage due to moisture. Harder and thicker than ceramic and granite, it’s perfect for any room in your home where you need a more resilient tile option.

Mosaic Tiles Installers in Los Angeles

Create beauty with small colored and textured tiles. For something extra special, mosaic tile installation provides the perfect touch for any room. Our excellent craftsmen can create the perfect backsplash, bathroom tile, and other custom mosaic pieces for your home. We’re known as the mosaic tile installers in Los Angeles to call for expert installation and beautiful designs.

Custom Design

Mosaic tiles are perfect for creating flair and pops of color in any room. With mirrored glass mosaics or colored tiles, you can create visually stunning designs, particularly for your kitchen or bathroom. They’re also incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion.

Easy to Clean

You can easily wipe down mosaic tiles with a soft towel to remove soap scum, grease, and other stains. So versatile and flexible, we’ll create beautiful designs with mosaic tiles that you can easily maintain for years to come.

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