Don’t let outdated and inefficient design affect your restaurant’s success. Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc is a restaurant remodeling contractor that’s ready to transform your space and push your business to the next level. From small, quick-service establishments to full-service sit-down eateries, we can do it all.

Our restaurant remodeling service makes your creative vision a reality while creating a conducive space for daily operations. Support both front of house and back of house staff. With years of experience and an eye for creative design, we’re more than capable of completing your restaurant renovation in Los Angeles.


The layout of your building is key to quick and efficient service. One of the best ways to see noticeable change is to improve workflow through layout modification.

During your restaurant renovation, we’ll take a close look at how your current setup affects business. Our team will figure out where bottlenecks occur and develop a suitable plan that keeps things running smoothly.

Working closely with you through every step of the process, we’ll determine where the most significant improvements can occur. We take care of every detail, from installing space-saving furniture that maximizes your capacity to adjusting equipment positions in the kitchen.

No matter the size of your building, we’ll optimize every inch of space to ensure that it’s comfortable and efficient for all.


Restaurant remodeling and renovation dining areas

Restaurant remodeling and renovation of dining areas

Front-of-house restaurant renovation service has the most impact on your customers. You’d be surprised by how much design changes can improve business. Trends are ever-changing, and restaurants have to keep up to stay competitive in an image-focused market.

As a seasoned restaurant remodeling contractor, we have the insight to change your dining areas for the better. Create a brand-new look while staying true to your brand image.

Down below, we can install eye-catching flooring that marries form and function. Whether you’re looking to install easy-to-clean tile, intricate low-maintenance carpet designs, or even premium terrazzo, we’ll make it happen.

The same goes for subtle details up top. We can install new lighting fixtures, ceiling tiles, and more during your restaurant renovation to ensure that every corner is a treat for the eyes.

At Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc, we’re also well-equipped to create intimate dining areas. By using structural dividers, specially designed furniture, and dedicated lighting, every group can feel as if they’re making memories in a private space.


Restaurant kitchen remodeling and renovation

Restaurant kitchcen remodeling and renovation

Your kitchen is the heart of the restaurant. While customer-facing areas are critical to your branding, the kitchen’s design can make or break your restaurant’s success.

A poorly designed back-of-house space can lead to slow service, frequent accidents, and a mess of other issues. Fortunately, our restaurant remodeling service can address those problems head-on!

A full-fledged renovation may be the thing your business needs to overcome kinks in service quality. By improving the layout, you can maximize productivity while making things much safer across the board.

Through restaurant renovation in Los Angeles, you can get:

  • Safe anti-slip floors
  • Efficient and safe layouts
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Better lighting
  • More efficient equipment
  • Space-saving storage solutions
  • Compliant sanitation upgrades


restaurant bar remodeling and renovation in Los Angeles

restaurant bar remodeling and renovation in Los Angeles

A bar is a fantastic way to improve your restaurant’s bottom line. It gives patrons the chance to socialize as they’re waiting for an open seat during busy dinner rushes. Plus, it provides another opportunity to increase sales and generate new forms of revenue.

Let a restaurant renovation contractor like Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc create a bar that your customers will enjoy! Whether you have an existing space or not, we’re here to design and construct a bar that meets your needs.

Restaurant renovation in Los Angeles is about more than building a functional area for patrons to mingle. It’s about cementing your brand and creating an intimate environment people want to utilize. With custom furniture, new paint designs, eye-catching lighting, and more, your bar can be the next local hot spot!


restaurant toilet restroom remodeling and renovation in Los Angeles

restaurant restroom remodeling and renovation

You can’t forget about the restrooms during your next restaurant remodeling project. Nothing ruins a dining experience more than a lackluster bathroom. When every other part of your building has impeccable aesthetics, diners expect nothing less when nature calls.

Invest in your restaurant’s reputation and give your patrons an experience they’ll remember!

As an experienced restaurant remodeling contractor, we’re all-too-familiar with how a restroom’s vibes stay with customers long after they leave. You want to create an enjoyable experience that makes every visitor feel comfortable and cared for at all times.

During your restaurant remodeling project, we can transform your bathrooms by:

  • Creating a paint scheme that matches your restaurant’s theme
  • Install easy-to-clean floors and tiles
  • Establish mood lighting that’s functional and beautiful
  • Install fixtures that are comfortable, sanitary, and easy to use

Let Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc be your source for restaurant renovation in Los Angeles. We offer a wide range of services that cater to your every need. As an experienced restaurant remodeling contractor, we can do everything from front-of-house transformations to efficiency upgrades that create more productive kitchens for your staff. Breathe new life into your restaurant and create a dining experience that captivates every patron that walks through your doors.

Contact Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc today to learn more about your restaurant remodeling options or set up an on-site consultation with one of our experts.

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