Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc provides high-end Solar Installation Los Angeles residents and it’s surrounding areas can get. We are an award winning solar installation company that takes pride in offering quality solar products and services to our residential and commercial clients in Los Angeles. We work with our clients and make sure that we install the right solar system that will save them thousands of dollars over time. We don’t just install the systems but we also focus on picking the best solar brands for your particular project so that whether it’s residential, commercial, solar hot water or thermal pool solar installation you want, it’ll be of high quality products that will last for a long time.

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Our Solar Installation Services include:

residential solar installation los angeles

Residential Solar Installation

There has never been a better time for Los Angeles homeowners to get solar installation than now. Solar systems are at an all time low and the state and federal governments are offering a number of programs to help you install solar systems on your house. Once the solar systems are installed, you’ll will not only save a lot of money from the hefty electric bills in Los Angeles but your home’s value will also increase. Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc  has been providing residential solar installation services to the residents of Los Angeles for years and will gladly help you to install solar on your home.

commercial solar installation los angeles

Commercial Solar Installation

As a leading solar installation contractor in Los Angeles, we do more than just helping homeowners, we also provide commercial solar installation services to businesses and commercial building owners. Commercial solar installation is not very different from residential solar installation, the solar panels are installed on the roof or on the on the ground. Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc offers custom solutions for  commercial solar installation to commercial buildings of all kinds such as apartment buildings, Warehouses, Parking lots or Shops. Commercial Solar installation by Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc will save your business thousands of dollars in electric bills.

solar hot water systems installation los angeles

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems are systems that provide hot water to homes or commercial buildings using solar panels. Solar hot water systems are excellent for climates that don’t freeze which makes them a perfect option for Los Angeles homes and businesses. We are proud to offer solar hot water systems to Los Angeles homeowners and businesses because you can save as much as 80% on your gas bills. Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc provides a variety of solar hot water systems to choose from such as flat plate collectors, heat pump systems and evacuated tube collectors.

Cool PV & Thermal Pool Solar installation los angeles

Cool PV & Thermal Pool Solar

The misconception that a pool can only be enjoyed in summer due to the warm weather is likely because of how expensive it is to heat pools in winter. Electric or gas heaters are too expensive for pool heating and this is were Cool PV & Thermal Pool Solar come in.  Cool PV & Thermal Pool Solar will heat your pool and allow you to enjoy the pool throughout the winter without having to spend any money on electric or gas bills. Whether you have a commercial building or a home with a pool that needs  a Cool PV & Thermal Pool Solar.

We are committed to helping both homeowners and commercial building owners to save money by installing any of the aforementioned solar systems. Call Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc on (818) 319-4970 to Schedule your FREE consultation.

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