At Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc, we can provide an energy upgrade Los Angeles homeowners can benefit from by not only saving money but by also having a comfortable environment. We are a trusted energy upgrade service provider throughout Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Orange County. We are driven by a passion to serve you in reducing the cost you are incurring for the energy you don’t use. We are in the business to help you by evaluating your energy consumption and provide energy efficient upgrade services that will save money and bring more comfort to you. Our energy upgrade services will prevent the leaking of air in and out of your house and also save you money in energy bills if you decide to go solar

Why Have An Energy Upgrade By Us ?







Our Energy Upgrade services include :

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Hvac Installation

Going by our experience in providing energy upgrade services throughout Los Angeles, we know HVAC is responsible for the energy wastage in most homes and offices. Our team will evaluate your HVAC and replace the high energy consuming components and replace them with the low energy consuming components to improve the energy efficiency, increase energy output and increase the reliability of the HVAC.

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Cool Roofing

Do you know that your roofing can be contributing to your energy consumption? Most conventional roofing is done with materials that radiate so much heat which will cause you to incur an additional cost of cooling your home and office. We have the expertise to provide cool roofing that will reduce your energy bills. The designs will offer you high performance and efficiency that will save energy and enhance your comfortable living.

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Tex Cote Coolwall

Our team has the needed expertise to provide excellent tex cote cool wall with textured heat reflecting coating system that will increase the home comfort while reducing top cooling loads and provides energy efficiency. This design is always done in a way that it will have an increased reflectivity which will reduce the temperature and thereby reduce your cooling cost.

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Energy Efficient Windows

Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for a quarter of your heating and cooling energy use. As an energy upgrade contractor, we will provide you with energy saving windows with high-performance ratings that will reduce your energy cost and save some money. Our energy efficient windows are beautifully installed to add more value to your property.

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We are the best when it comes to insulation services, our insulation designs are done to provide proper resistance to heat flow. Our choice of insulating materials will provide the needed resistance to heat flow; this will cause to reduce your cost of heating and cooling your property.

Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc offers affordable energy upgrade services that will be efficient, effective, and performance-driven. Call us at (818) 319-4970 for a no-obligation, complimentary energy upgrade consultation, and let us show you the exciting options you have!

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