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Security glass can be a pivotal part of enhancing safety at your home or business. Don’t assume that breach-resistant glass can’t be beautiful. The newest innovations in glass design ensure that you can flawlessly balance safety with aesthetics. Here’s a look at what you need to know about having security-enhancing glass installed at your property.

Security Glass Windows

Security glass windows provide extra fortification against intrusions. This option creates a great way to ensure that you can delight in the sunlight and aesthetic value that come from windows without feeling vulnerable. In addition to protecting against breaches, windows made with protective glass also protect you against flying glass in the event that there is an attempted breach at your home or business.

Security Glass Doors

Doors with glass panes can be extremely vulnerable to breaches. For intruders, breaking glass is the simplest way to gain access to door handles that provide easy entry into a home or business. However, many people despise the thought of only using solid doors when constructing new homes or commercial buildings. Protective glass allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of a transparent door without the risks that go along with doors that feature ordinary glass.

Security Glass Types

When shopping for new glass for doors and windows, consumers actually have several different options that offer different practical, aesthetic, and security-related benefits. Your risk level and budget can also help to determine the option that’s best for you. Here’s a look at the options you can choose from when selecting glass for an upcoming new construction or update.

Tempered Security Glass

This is a form of shatter-proof glass that is designed to keep you safe in the event that a glass door or window breaks. During production, tempered glass is treated with high heat that’s followed by a special cooling process to help alter the way it shatters when broken compared to traditional glass, unlike glass that creates dangerous shards, tempered glass crumbles into small, pebble-like pieces. While it is not considered a top line of defense against breaches, it can prevent flying or scattered glass that can be dangerous to people and pets.

Laminated Security Glass

Credited with being five times stronger than ordinary glass, this type of glass consists of three layers. The primary layers of laminated glass undergo a heat-based hardening process before being bonded together by a third layer. The main benefit of laminated glass is that it will not shatter or dislodge from its frame when impacted. While it can block physical entry, laminated glass is not bulletproof.


While acrylic glass is not intended for use with architectural doors and windows, it is commonly used when constructing barriers or interior windows in commercial settings. This includes teller desks and reception windows. In addition to creating a physical barrier, acrylic glass is also bulletproof.

Security Films

Security films can make breaking glass windows and doors more difficult for intruders. Security films are made of thin, micro-layered plastic sheets that are capable of holding glass in place when it shatters after impact. In addition to preventing dangerous shards, film can allow a glass pane to retain its resilience after being shattered. In some cases, the film may provide the extra strength needed to prevent glass from breaking at all if the impact isn’t severe.

Security Glass Installation in Los Angeles

Choosing the right glass type and installation strategy can be challenging for homeowners and business owners who aren’t experienced with security measures. If you’re building from the ground up, prioritizing security can help you to design windows and doors with special glass in mind. If you’re looking to enhance window and door security at an existing property in light of recent security threats, there are many options available for updating or retrofitting doors and windows that can help you enjoy peace of mind without breaking your budget.

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