We provide the best Home Energy Audit Los Angeles homeowners can get. Landmark Construction Crew believes that a Full Home Energy Audit in Los Angeles is the first step towards making homes in Angeles, Orange County and San Fernando Valley more energy efficient. Improving your home energy efficiency hinges upon analyzing exactly where your home ‘leaks’ energy, that’s why it’s important to start with a Full Home Energy Audit, and at Landmark Construction Crew, we specialize in analyzing and assessing your home’s energy usage – and how you can improve it with an energy upgrade. Energy can escape from your home in an incredible number of ways; you may have leaking air ducts, missing or inadequate insulation, and improperly installed windows and doors; even something as small as a misaligned outlet can cost you energy – and money. Landmark Construction Crew can discover exactly where energy is escaping your home with a Full Home Energy Audit. As BPI Certified Goldstar contractors, we have energy management technicians who are specially trained to use the advanced software, equipment, and comprehensive energy audit checklists that will identify all the problem areas in your home.











home energy audit los angeles

Infrared Thermal Imaging

home energy audit los angeles

Utility Bill Analysis

home energy audit los angeles

Energy Efficient Remodel

Infrared Thermal imaging

Infrared thermal imaging which is also referred to as infrared diagnostics involves the use of an infrared camera to detect hot and cold areas around your house such as around doors, roofs, windows and walls without taking them apart. This is a very important step during the home energy audit process because it helps to identify insulation defects and air leaks which may be causing the loss of  warm or cool air in your house. The infrared camera will be able to will show you the exact visual representation of the areas with these problems.

HVAC inspection

HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is responsible for  providing optimum temperatures homes and commercial buildings throughout the heat of summer and the cold of winter and that’s why it should be inspected during during a full home energy audit of your Los Angeles home. A malfunctioning  HVAC system t will cost you a lot of money in energy bills because of the air loss in the damaged system. An HVAC system inspection usually includes the checking of air filters, refrigerant pressure, gas pressure, venting and clearances, blower components, temperature differentiation and  electrical connections.

Roof inspection

Your roof is the first line of defense against the heat, rain, cold or storm, hence it should also be carefully inspected during a home energy audit. During the inspection, the inspector will check for cracks, holes or worn out materials that are likely to let air in or out of your house. By contacting Landmark Construction Crew, you are in the right hands because we are a BPI certified home energy auditor.

Our comprehensive energy audits surpasses other assessments and will provide a comprehensive report on whatever energy issues your home may have – as well as tailored solutions to solve them. Whether you have a 100 year-old, two-story or a 1950’s split level, Landmark Construction Crew can help you save thousands of dollars on long-term energy expenses.

Stop wasting heat and electricity and start increasing your family’s comfort all year long. A Full Home Energy audit is the first step to saving on your current utility budget. Call Landmark Construction Crew at (818) 319-4970 for a FREE, in home consultation; let us come out and show you how you can cut your home’s energy bills by as much as half, all while building a better, greener, healthier, and more beautiful home!

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