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Nothing complements the sunny Southern California weather more than a pool. Instead of relying on a public or community pool, beat the summer heat and create countless hours of family memories in your private backyard! Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc is one of the most trusted pool contractors in Los Angeles, and we’re ready to construct the backyard oasis of your dreams. Extend your living space and invest in your property. A sparkling pool can take your home’s value to a new level while making it the go-to party spot for you and your family.

Whether you’re looking for simple pool design services or want to pair your new water feature with a decked-out patio, we have you covered.

Swimming Pool Contractors in Los Angeles


At Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc, we offer comprehensive pool services that meet your needs. Our team of dedicated experts can assist you with every step of the process to turn your vision into a reality. As an experienced pool builder, our team understands how important the design and planning phase is.

As a result, we stay updated on current trends, construction technology, and safety standards. That way, we can provide the creative vision and know-how to transform your property into a summer haven. As one of the top pool contractors in Los Angeles, we can offer the following services.

Pool Design

Before any pool construction can commence, pool contractors in Los Angeles have to go through a planning phase. Designing your pool is one of the most crucial aspects of the project, and we’re happy to guide you through the entire journey. The design phase is when you get the chance to make decisions that impact the look, functionality, and longevity of your swimming pool.

Our pool design experts are ready to turn rough ideas into detailed sketches and schematics. Thanks to our use of technology, we can give you a glimpse of what your new pool might look like and how it can impact your property.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to design. During this time, you get to choose:

  • Pool type
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Hardware style
  • Finish colors
  • Lighting features
  • Accessories

Of course, the team at Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc is willing to explain the finer details and provide design recommendations. We want you to enjoy the process and get the pool you’ve always wanted!

Pool Remodeling

If you already have a pool, Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc is available to transform it into something beautiful! Old pool designs have their merits. But many stand out like a sore thumb compared to today’s standards. Modern swimming pools are more than just simple backyard playthings. They’re well-designed water features that complement your landscaping and appeal to the masses!

As a result, old-school pools often look outdated and drab. As one of the most skilled pool contractors in Los Angeles, we’re well-equipped to provide remodeling services. We combine our expertise in design and pool construction to update every aspect of your pool. During your remodeling project, we can:

  • Update plaster, aggregate, or tile finishes
  • Repair leaks and problem areas
  • Resurface pools and surrounding decks
  • Upgrade sanitization equipment, filtering systems, and plumbing
  • Install new features like waterfalls, sprinklers, and jets
  • Add LED lighting

Pool Construction

Once you finalize your design and make all of those crucial cosmetic decisions, our team can get to work building your pool from the ground up. We’re a fully licensed and insured pool builder that works hard to complete projects safely and efficiently.

No matter how complex your project may seem, our team works vigilantly to bring your plans to fruition. We take care of every step of the process, from initial excavation to plumbing and finishing. You can rely on us to provide services that meet your standards.


These days, there’s more variety than ever in pool construction and design. As one of the best pool contractors in Los Angeles, we take pride in pushing the boundaries and building water features that stun. Here are just some of the types of pools we can create.

Glass Pools

Want a genuinely awe-inspiring swimming pool? We can make it happen by incorporating a glass-like look into your design. Glass pools are all the rage these days, and it’s not hard to see why.

These pools utilize thick transparent walls to give you a glimpse inside. Typically, the “glass” is structurally robust acrylic. However, the stunning look is all the same. Let the shimmering blue water become the focal point. Like a sophisticated aquarium, glass pools highlight the beauty of the water and add a touch of class to your backyard.

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are another fantastic option. They’re best for properties that have a killer view you want to preserve. Whether you have mountain views or live close to a natural body of water, infinity pools take full advantage of the scenery.

They feature an “invisible edge” that water can flow over. The distinct design creates a breathtaking illusion that extends into the horizon. Infinity pools are very flexible, so our pool construction and design experts can easily create a plan that makes the most of your view.

Lap Pools

Want to take your workouts to a new level? If your top priority is to use your swimming pool as a tool for exercise and athleticism, a lap pool may be the right choice for you. As the name would imply, these pools are purpose-built to help you swim laps.

They’re usually rectangular and considerably longer than standard recreational pools. As an experienced pool builder, we have the know-how to construct lap pools that are several meters long.

Inground Pools

For pool contractors in Los Angeles like Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc, inground pools are a classic. Above-ground units are fine if you have a limited budget or lack space. However, inground pools have the most impact on your property value and enjoyment.

We build these pools as a permanent fixture in your yard. With proper care, they can provide decades of summer fun. Plus, inground units offer the most flexibility as far as design, size, and looks go.


You don’t have to have tons of space to own a pool. Spas are usually much smaller than the average swimming hole. But make no mistake: These pools are anything but lacking!

Spas combine all of the beautiful features of a hot tub and swimming pool into one. You can incorporate features like jets, heating elements, and more. Whatever your fancy, our pool design experts will create the ultimate relaxation pool.

When you’re ready to start building the pool you’ve always wanted, turn to Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc. We’re a premier pool builder that proudly serves homeowners in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a simple remodel a brand-new pool from scratch. We’ll handle all project stages and give you a finished product you can’t help but love. Call us today or contact us online, and let us show you what’s possible for your property.

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