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Options For Unbreakable Glass Windows In Los Angeles


on May 3, 2024

When glass is all that stands between the outside world and the people and things that are precious to you, the quality of your glass matters. That may be why you’re looking for unbreakable glass windows for a renovation or new construction. The good news is that there are plenty of attractive, high-performance options that can provide peace of mind at your residence or commercial building. Take a look at the options for unbreakable glass windows in Los Angeles that everyone with security on their minds should know about!

Unbreakable Glass Window Options 

If you’re looking for impact-resistant glass options, your first question is likely about the types of materials that are available. While unbreakable glass has been around for decades, technology has dramatically improved both the look and performance of the options that are available today. Here’s a look at the two main types of unbreakable glass used in windows in Los Angeles.

Polycarbonate Window

Polycarbonate windows consist of high-strength, flexible panels that look identical to ordinary glass windows to the naked eye. However, these windows are actually made from a mixture of acrylics, polycarbonate, and other plastic resins that are popular for commercial use. In general, polycarbonate is considered impenetrable and unbreakable in most situations.

Polycarbonate is a top choice when you’re looking for an unbreakable option that stands up beautifully against forced entry, burglary breaches, and high-speed winds. While polycarbonate is not considered a bulletproof window option by default, it is possible to source polycarbonate sheets that are engineered for ballistic resistance that can provide protection against breaches that involve firearms.

Laminated Glass Windows

Another popular option when sourcing unbreakable materials for windows is laminated glass. Also referred to as shatterproof glass, laminated glass is designed to hold glass shards in place following a breach attempt or weather-related impact. The main goal of laminated glass is to prevent dangerous inward shattering that can send glass shards and daggers flying into a room. While laminated glass provides incredible benefits in select scenarios and environments, it does not necessarily provide the impact-proof durability of polycarbonate. However, it should be noted that the unique shattering characteristics of laminated glass can certainly delay or prevent entry in many cases. Laminated glass is often prioritized when business owners are looking for protection against weather-related shattering. It can also provide protection to retailers or other commercial businesses that are vulnerable to smash-and-grab attracts or looting.

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Unbreakable Glass Windows for Businesses

In the modern world, vulnerable locations absolutely need unbreakable glass. Many business owners are surprised to discover that installing unbreakable glass windows doesn’t have to mean having an unattractive business exterior. It also doesn’t have to break your budget. Today’s options can be attractive and affordable as they provide the peace of mind you need when your investments are at stake. Here’s a look at the benefits of adding unbreakable glass to your retail or commercial space.

Provides Security

While glass is an important aspect of architectural design, having a window can feel like a gamble in an environment where risks for burglaries, breaches, and weather-related damage exist. Unbreakable glass lets a person with ill intent know that they aren’t going to easily breach your property from the moment they first try to make hostile contact with your windows. In most cases, the realization that a business has security glass is enough to deter criminals.

The biggest benefit of unbreakable glass is that it provides the security you need without cutting a commercial space off from the surrounding environment. There’s no need to hide your business behind brick and concrete to stay safe. Unbreakable glass windows allow you to maintain a bright, airy space that displays your business in the best light without taking on the risk and vulnerability of using real glass.

Is Hurricane Resistant

In areas with extreme weather, ordinary glass windows create so much uncertainty. Unfortunately, broken glass can make a property vulnerable to looting in the aftermath of a storm. Property owners may not always be able to get to their properties quickly following a storm if there are road closures.

Protects Against Injuries

High winds don’t have to pose constant dangers once you install unbreakable glass. Ordinary windows have the potential to send thousands of sharp shards flying into the air during a weather event. If people are in the building, they are at high risk for being injured by flying glass.

Unbreakable Glass Window Installation in Los Angeles

Are you ready to go from constantly worrying about your property being vulnerable to enjoying the peace of mind that comes from having unbreakable glass windows? At Landmark, we know that making the right decision requires the right information. That’s why we’ll be happy to introduce you to options for unbreakable glass windows that are already being used by countless businesses in Los Angeles. We are leading residential and commercial contractors in Los Angeles specializing in architectural security integrations. Contact us today to get started!