Flooring installation Los Angeles homeowners and commercial building owners can be proud of is our main goal at Landmark Construction Crew. When it comes to flooring, Whatever kind of flooring you have, whether it’s carpet, tile, wood, or laminate – if you’re not happy with it – Landmark Construction Crew can fix it, refinish it, or re-paint it for you! We have the experience to correct any issues, even if it’s warped or uneven flooring or sub flooring. We handle refinishing or replacing wooden floors or worn carpeting, and can help you choose and then install any one of the hundreds of beautiful new flooring options now available, from cork to vinyl. We believe that excellent flooring installation is in understanding the right flooring materials in order to have a sustainable floor which will not be prone to failure. Landmark Construction Crew knows what it takes to do this for you with precision. Our flooring projects are always well-decorated to make it very attractive. The task of installing a beautiful and durable floor is always handled by our team of expertly trained and certified  craftsmen.









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Tile Flooring

As a flooring service contractor, our team of experts will provide durable, versatile and fashionable tile floor for your property like ceramic and porcelain floor tile. Whether classic or contemporary style, we are up to the task.

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Wood Flooring

Our construction company is endowed with the needed technical know-how to do your wooden flooring. We know the right choice of timber to use to deliver an outstanding project either structural or aesthetic. The designs come in various styles, colors, cuts, and species. A typical example of wood flooring is bamboo flooring.

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Laminate Flooring

This type of flooring is multi-layer synthetic flooring products fused together with a lamination process. This flooring is always beautiful when properly done. At Landmark Construction crew, we are versatile and experienced in doing this type of flooring to give a long lasting floor.

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Marble Flooring

This flooring is done by using the natural stone called marble. Marble flooring when done properly offers ageless and elegant appeal thereby improving the value of your property. Though marble flooring is highly sophisticated and a great technicality is involved in its execution. Our team of experts is vastly experienced in this type of flooring.

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Vinyl Flooring

This is a resilient flooring. It can be used for kitchen and bathroom applications. Vinyl flooring is water and stain resistant, versatile and durable. Our construction company will provide this service in a unique and beautiful manner that will beat your imagination.

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Epoxy Flooring

This flooring is done by using epoxy, a substance obtained by mixing resin and hardener together through a chemical reaction. Epoxy floors are very strong; they can be used for the surface of an industrial environment. As a contractor, our team is conversant with the knowledge needed to offer you this service.

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Carpet Flooring

We offer a classic service in carpet flooring. This is a special type of floor covering made of woven fibers. It is done in layers by our team of experts. These are the upper and lower layers. They can be made from nylon, olefin, polyester and a variety of other synthetic and natural fibers. It offers a lot of beauty to your property and it improves the property value.

We are committed to helping both homeowners and commercial building owners in Los Angeles achieve excellent flooring installation results. Call Landmark construction Crew on (818) 319-4970 to Schedule your FREE flooring installation consultation.

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