House bolting is the process of attaching a house to its foundation in order to guard the house against earthquake damage. House bolting is necessary because an earthquake with a high magnitude  can release enough energy in the Earths’ lithosphere that is strong enough to create create seismic waves which can damage building and cause injuries. Los Angeles is one of the areas in the world that is prone to seismic waves of earthquakes, hence Los Angeles residents stand a greater risk of catastrophe if their house is not properly bolted to its foundation by an expert. As a contractor, our services are preceded by thorough evaluation by a team of inspectors in order to ascertain the nature of the foundation and how the house will be bolted to it.

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Our House Bolting services include :

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Cripple Wall Bracing

Cripple walls are are stud walls that are used to enclose a space under the first floor. These walls are used to support the living spaces above the foundation hence an area called the crawl space is formed in between the foundation and the first floor. A house built on a flat concrete slab will not have a crawl space nor a cripple wall. Cripple wall bracing involves the strengthening of cripple walls to prevent the house from tipping over during an earthquake. By adding plywood to to the cripple wall, the plywood acts as shear members which significantly prevent the house from collapsing.

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Foundation Bolting Plates 

Side foundation bolting plates are used to bolt a house to it’s foundation if there is no possibility for direct bolting. Side foundation bolting plates prevent a house from moving up and down during an earthquake because most houses are not properly attached to their foundations. Side foundation bolting plates will not only be useful during an earthquake but they play an important role during normal house settling.

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Anchor Bolts

Foundation Anchor Bolts are the typical type of bolts that are used for earthquake retrofitting. Foundation Anchor bolts are used to attach the mudsill to  the foundation, in order to prevent it from sliding it off and damaging the house or causing injuries. When using anchor bolts, it’s advisable to make sure that the foundation concrete is not old or weak to prevent it from cracking.

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