Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc understands the need for an outdoor patio Los Angeles residents can enjoy in both winter and summer. As more and more Los Angeles homeowners turn to converting water-hungry lawns and gardens to low maintenance exteriors, Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc has kept pace with the newest technologies and methods for creating a beautiful outdoor patio and living space. Thanks to our beautiful Southern California weather, outdoor living spaces are particularly popular, especially outdoor kitchens, dining areas, gazebos, decks, and patios. Let us custom design your ultimate outdoor patio, or upgrade or repair your existing patio or deck. We can give your outdoor patio it’s own open air arbor or pergola, or install a full patio cover if you want to be outdoors but not always “in the sun.” The beauty and elegance that an outdoor patio brings to your Los Angeles home will not only improve the curb appeal but it will also increase the value of your property.









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Detached Patio  

This type of patio is a bit further down in the garden and it is not adjacent to the property. As a contractor, we will provide you with a detached patio that serves as a place where you can unwind with relaxation and enjoyment of fresh air. Also, we can provide beautiful cover to a patio to make it homelier despite the rainy weather and the burning sun. Our patio design is always complimented with beautiful furniture to add more beauty to it.

outdoor patio los angeles

Wraparound Patio 

Our construction company offers a unique and exquisite wraparound patio. This is always done in a way that it wraps around your house perfectly. It will provide a spot for relaxation for your household.

outdoor patio los angeles

Multilevel Patio

This type of patio offers luxurious relaxation and enjoyment. It has an area that has been structured using steps so that it has higher and lower levels. At Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc, we are skilled in designing this type of patio. We ensure proper separation and practicality in the design of this type of patio.

outdoor patio los angeles

Entry Patio

This type of patio is located in front of the house to serve as a beautiful spot for relaxation and enjoyment. Our team of experts will provide an outstanding service in the design of this type of patio with matching classic furniture.

Whether you want to add a simple fire pit or water feature, or install a full, working outdoor kitchen, Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc has the combination of designers, masons, craftsmen, and technicians to handle all aspects of your outdoor patios and living spaces project, no matter how large or small. Let us come out for a complimentary outdoor patios and living spaces consultation on what a beautiful new outdoor space can do for your family’s lifestyle!

We are committed to helping Los Angeles homeowners get high quality outdoor patio construction . Call Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc on (818) 319-4970 to Schedule your FREE outdoor patio consultation.

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