We provide quality room additions Los Angels residents and businesses can get at an affordable price. As a trusted room addition contractor, we believe that each home is as unique as the family that lives in it.  As your family grows or when your children leave for college, you need a home that will accommodate those lifestyle changes at every stage. Whether you need room to grow, or to re purpose existing rooms, you can turn to Los Angeles’s premier room additions and remodeling contractor. Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc is your best choice for your residential and commercial room additions projects; we are vastly experienced in providing excellent and efficient result within a specified time and budget.  Older homes have loads of charm but often have small or awkward footprints and outdated plumbing and electrical systems. Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc can help you bring your home into the 21st century while retaining the charm and feel of its original era. A vintage home that’s been expertly renovated and retrofitted for your family’s current lifestyle can truly enhance the appeal and enjoyment of your home, not to mention boosting its value. Room Additions and extension will add that extra square footage you need for a beautiful new kitchen, a home office, another powder room, or a grand master bedroom or even the transformation of a garage into a living space. With the seasoned designers and in-house consultants of Landmark Construction, the possibilities are endless. We have the expertise to help you think outside the box, so you can create a truly unique, customized home.

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Our Room Additions services include :

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Bedroom Addition

A new bedroom addition to your home will be handled by our team of experts; we are very effective and efficient in delivering your dream new bedroom in a way that will showcase your desired architectural masterpiece.The design of our bedroom addition offers great room addition to your family to enjoy. It will offer beautiful space for the family to cater for the family growth. Whether the addition is the master bedroom, guest bedroom, kids room or teen’s room, Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc will be able to exceed your expectations.

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Second Storey Addition

You love your current home but you are constrained by the little space it offers, but you never want to leave the environment because you are so accustomed to the environment due to the comfort it brings to your family and you have concluded that adding a new storey can be difficult. If you are in this type of situation, Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc will guide and offer our wealth of experience in adding a second storey to your home. We will help you to visualize and realize your dream architectural style within a specified time.

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Garage Addition

Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc will help you carry out your garage addition project within your budget with proper planning on the layout, design, spacing, roofing, lighting and flooring. This will be done to ensure that it is constructed in a cost effective manner. A well-constructed garage will improve the value of your home.

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Kitchen Extension

You desire a larger kitchen to cater for more kitchen gadgets for your home. No need to look for a new apartment. Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc will do that for you with proper planning and execution. The addition will be done with provision for adequate supply of natural light and ventilation.

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Bathroom addition

This is a wonderful idea; there may be need for an upgrade of your home by adding new bathroom to cater for the need of the household growth. This addition will make the home a lot more comfortable at the same time increase the value of the house.

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Sunroom addition

Sunroom offers enjoyable luxury to your home because it connects you with nature. Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc will make this dream a reality in your existing home. We will showcase our expertise in selecting and designing the best location for your sunroom.

Generally, room addition offers great benefits to your family like continuous living in your familiar terrain, proximity to your workplace, proximity to the schools of the kids and living with the lovely neighbors you are fond of. Moving to a new home will amount to starting all over again. Why doing that? Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc will offer you the opportunity of living in your dream home without relocation. We are versed in the field of construction of residential home and home additions. Our services are very friendly and affordable to all and sundry. We are willing to help bring out your dream out of the present home.

We are committed to providing the highest quality room additions services to residential and commercial buildings in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Orange County. Call Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc on (818) 319-4970 to schedule your FREE room additions consultation.

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