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Emergency construction in Los Angeles


on August 1, 2022

Emergency construction in Los Angeles is a unique service you hope you’ll never need to employ. But for many property owners dealing with the stress of catastrophic events, it’s a lifesaver!

Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc provides emergency construction to address issues quickly, prevent further damage, and make your property inhabitable. We strive to provide fast response and same-day service that helps you be proactive about any sudden emergency. Our team is on call to help you protect your property no matter what. Landmark can be your number one place to turn to that will take care of all your headaches and bring the site back to working ASAP.

Who Needs Emergency Construction?

No property is safe from all forms of damage. Even well-built buildings can suffer from the wrath of Mother Nature or the determination of criminals.

It doesn’t matter what types of precautions you take. Emergencies can happen, and it pays to know a contractor that can do emergency construction in Los Angeles. At Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc, we’ll address the unique needs of your building and take action no matter the scope of the damage.


Picture this:

During an intense storm, a massive tree in your front yard falls onto your roof. It takes out a few windows and creates several leak points throughout one part of your house. Suddenly, your safe domain is no longer inhabitable by your family.

That’s just one example of when emergency construction is a necessity. Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc can visit your home and provide quick service. The goal of emergency construction is not to make your home pristine and perfect overnight. Addressing structural damage takes time to do right.

However, emergency services can make your home safe for the time being. It’s about preventing further damage and eliminating the risk of physical harm to you and your family. We work hard to make your home safe for occupancy, buying time to get more comprehensive damage restoration services.

Homeowners can also rely on emergency services when dealing with fire damage, mold, and other pressing matters.

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Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings can experience many of the same issues as homes. But, those emergencies tend to have a more considerable financial impact on owners.

Whether it’s a retail store, a large office building, or a restaurant doesn’t matter. Sudden damage can severely impact your bottom line. For one, there’s the money invested in the building. We’re talking about equipment, merchandise, and other items that can cost thousands to repair.

Secondly, there’s the matter of downtime. Shutting your business down for even a single day can put your company in trouble. Your organization has to continue running to cover your costs and keep your business afloat.

Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc understands the importance of keeping things up and running. We work to provide emergency construction services that will address issues promptly, allowing you to resume daily operations as quickly as possible. From fire and weather damage to security problems caused by a burglary attempt, we’re here to help.

Types of Emergency Construction

Emergencies are always unexpected. There’s no way to control Mother Nature or know when criminals will try to break in. While you can take precautions, planning for every worst-case scenario is impossible. Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc can do many types of emergency construction in Los Angeles.

Full Restoration

In some cases, catastrophic events will call for complete building restoration. When this happens, most of the property is unsalvageable. The work is extensive and will require more than a few bandages to patch up.

While these projects take longer to complete, Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc works hard to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We systematically complete every project phase, ensuring that our team does things right the first time.

With our help, you can save time and return your building to its former glory.

Electrical Repair & Replacement

Electrical vandalism is a big problem in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas because of how valuable copper and aluminum can be. Electrical wiring can be an easy target for vandals, especially in buildings that are vacant or rarely have occupants. If left unattended, damaged wiring can be a hazard to occupants and might even cause fires. Landmark Construction and Development Group is your emergency contractor in Los Angeles that provides replacement, repairing, and rewriting of your building to prevent any of the aforementioned hazards. 

Flooring Restoration

Flooring damage is more than a cosmetic issue. Faulty floorboards, damaged subfloors, and destroyed joists can make your property unsafe for occupancy. The problem creates a massive liability headache if it’s a commercial building. Meanwhile, damaged floors in homes can quickly lead to injury.

Emergency construction services can provide a quick and efficient fix. Our flooring experts will develop the right restoration strategy to improve structural integrity and eliminate all worries of your floor giving way.

Window and Glass Restoration

Your windows and doors are the most accessible points of your building. When they become damaged, everything from water to pests can get through. Broken windows and doors also make your home or commercial property a massive target for would-be thieves.

Fortunately, restoring windows and doors isn’t too tricky. It’s a quick fix that can make a difference in securing your building.

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Wall Restoration

Sometimes, entire walls can take the brunt of the damage. In fires, single walls can burn to a crisp while leaving the rest of the structure intact. Meanwhile, physical damage from cars, power equipment, and more can severely impact a wall’s structural integrity.

Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc can provide emergency construction services to restore walls from the inside out. We can repair or replace framing, redo insulation, and patch things up to leave a finished surface that leaves no trace of damage behind.

If you need emergency construction in Los Angeles, turn to Landmark Construction & Development Group. No one should have to deal with sudden property damage alone. Instead of risking harm and attempting DIY repairs, let us take the reigns. Day or night, we’re here to help you protect your most valuable asset and stay safe.

Contact us today to learn more and get the emergency construction service you need

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